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  • Bizarro Episode: Even by this series's standards! Back-to-back "The Gum Leaf War" and "Santa Claws" are both based around extended dream sequences in which main characters' faces are deformed in some way. The former involves a Sepia toned outback story, the latter a pair of Father Christmases getting into a brawl.
    • "Nails", on the other hand actually stands out for being comparatively normal. The whole tone is different, with an overall sombre mood and the main storyline being played for drama instead of comedy. As well as being a rather literal Fish out of Water, Andrew is written and acted much more seriously than the other characters, and even in his human form he is visually distinct due to his slick black hair.
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  • Broken Base: Some see the show as Growing the Beard with the third and fourth series having stronger plots and character arcs - the near-decade hiatus probably helped in that regard, as well as a more consistent cast. Others argue that Only the Creator Does It Right, preferring the Paul Jennings scripts and the pre-Flanderised characters.
  • Crazy Awesome: Bronson saving his foot odor until he can use it as a weapon in "Smelly Feat." Repeated in the fourth series in a buildup to "Skunk Man".
  • It Was His Sled: That interdimensional figure in the helmet that appears throughout Series 4 is a girl, despite everyone assuming otherwise. Anyone who pays attention to the ending credits can clearly see the name "Ariel" and draw that conclusion.
  • Mainstream Obscurity: As noted on the main page, every Aussie and Brit (and even some Americans who caught it when it had a brief run on FOX Kids) who grew up in the 80s, 90s and 2000s likely remembers watching, yet you're unlikely to see it mentioned
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  • Narm Charm: "Skunk Man" has some of the cheesiest acting in the whole series, and it's hilarious because of it.
  • Nausea Fuel: The excess of gross-out humor also counts, and nearly got the show banned in Australia, as the censors at the time felt it was inappropriate for children.
    • Pete and Linda are chased by a horde of seagulls that eventually trap them into a beach-hut and seal them inside just by defecating on it.
    • Gribbs lying face-down in a mound of faeces in "Copy Cat".
    • So many episodes revolve around urinating (including the notorious episode "The Big Burp").
    • The climax of "Spaghetti Pig-Out".
    • The "Little Black Balls". The title card showed Bronson drowning in them.
    • Pete giving birth through his mouth. Followed by obligatory after-birth.
    • "The Ice Cream Man Cometh" has the delightful image of Giorgio (the gelato machine turned human) producing chocolate snot. A literal example occurs in the episode itself when Harold gets ahold of Giorgio and pumps him full of artificial flavours and other inorganic chemicals so he can mass-produce ice creams.
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  • Reboot - Between seasons 2 and 3 there is little if any continuity: All but two actorsnote  are replaced, Pete & Linda somehow de-age from fourteen to thirteen, the whole plot about Nell's election to the senate is never mentioned again and most characters are skeptical of the existence of ghosts, despite all the encounters they had in earlier episodes.
  • Retroactive Recognition:
    • Ariel is played by New Zealand actress Michala Banas, now better known for McLeod's Daughters and Upper Middle Bogan.
    • Series 2's Bronson, Jeffrey Walker, in addition to later roles in Ocean Girl and The Wayne Manifesto. is now a fairly well-known TV director, and not just in Australia.
  • Special Effects Failure: If you watch carefully during the episode of "Spaghetti Pig-Out", you can see that the "30m" spaghetti that Pete is eating is in fact actual string. When he hears the music, you can see that what drops down onto Bronson's megaphone is in fact string.
    • Seasons 3 and 4 have a few pretty bad CG effects. Especially noticeable are the Whirling Derfish from the episode of the same name; they have an odd cartoony look about them that really doesn't fit with their live-action surroundings.
    • Season 4 cleaned things up a little better with the ghostly effects in the first episode...
  • Squick:
    • When Pete wears lipstick that will compel any female to lip-lock with him, his first kiss ends up coming from Fiona's mother. Later on he gets kissed by his own sister and a sow. "Any female" indeed.
    • That ice sculpture of a girl that Bronson fell for turned out to have been based on his cousin.
    • Bronson's "whirly willie"
    • Pete and a tree "mate" when he pees on it.
    • The machine in "Brainless" has two metal tubes about 10 inches long that go right up into some unfortunate subjects' nostrils and suck their grey matter out.
    • "The Nirandathal Beast" has excessive dandruff. An Egomaniac Hunter spots some and tastes it.
    • "Dog By Night" involves werewolf Pete lusting after a domestic dog, urinating on a tree and sniffing Mr Gribble's arse.


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