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  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop
    • Some parents and Moral Guardians have been wary of her Edward the Unready books because they depict a badger named Edward who doesn't seem quite ready for certain first experiences, such as first sleepover, going swimming, or attending school. They feel that being entirely accepting of Edward and just pulling him out of those things sends the wrong message. On the other hand, others have praised the books for Wells being willing to express a viewpoint that some might not like. Notably, the books were later released with altered titles under the banner Edward Almost Ready.
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    • Fiona's Little Lie wasn't well received by some as they felt that although Fiona came clean in the end, punishment of some sort was merited by all the grief she caused by lying multiple times.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Wells made two books about how much a mother would care for their child. The most notable books are "Only You" and "Love Waves".
    • The ending to the 1998 book "Yoko" where Timothy and Yoko are seen having lunch with each-other. Since nobody wanted Yoko's sushi and Timothy never got a chance to try the other students lunches from different cultures. Yoko was the only one that haven't got picked but Timothy joined in. Since the class would usually trade their lunch. Yoko trades her sushi to Timothy while Timothy trades his peanut butter and honey sandwich to Yoko. This was changed in the Animated Adaptation where both are seen eating sushi together.
    • In the book "Yoko's Show-And-Tell" after Yoko reveals that she disobeyed her mother when she took the glass doll Miki to school in fear of it getting broken. Yoko then immediately runs up and starts crying into her mother's chest. Her mother responds by forgiving her and attempts to calm her down and tells her that they can get it fixed at a local hospital.
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    • "Voyage To The Bunny Planet" is filled like this. Especially when a bunny queen named "Janet" shows them "The Day That Should Have Been" where you see a sweet dream sequence with the bunny being in a very peaceful mood. And the scenes where the bunny queen takes them to Bunny Planet and you see her cradling Claire.
    • The entire book Emily's 100 Days of School is cute since Emily would discuss each number relating it to her days at school and her life. The biggest is when the book brings up UNICEF with all the students sending cards to the children in need.
    • Yoko's mother reuniting with her daughter Yoko in "Yoko Finds Her Way" since her mother started crying at the food court fearing she lost her baby.
    • The ending to "Yoko's Show-And-Tell" where The Franks are seen cleaning up and dusting outside of Yoko's house to make up for breaking the glass doll Miki.
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    • This illustration showing Yoko holding Muriel's hand from the Yoko & Friends book "The Halloween Parade"
    • Her two books about a love between a mother and son called "Only You", "Love Waves", and "Carry Me". The book "Carry Me" also celebrates her grandchildren.
  • Tear Jerker: Both of her non-fiction books dealing with divorce and grief.
    • In the original Timothy Goes To School book, Timothy can be seen crying a few times in the story. Such as crying into his mother's chest, crying alone unaware that his mother is watching him crying with a concerned look behind bushes, and doesn't want to go to school anymore due to Claude bothering him.
    • Another book featuring raccoons before Timothy was the 1973 book Benjamin & Tulip. Mostly because of Aunt Fern's reaction to seeing Benjamin coming home after getting in another fight with Tulip again. Fern even responds to Benjamin's sister Natalie comment about Benjamin coming home all covered in dirt. Fern even says "That Sweet Little Girl" with a sad and depressed expression. The Spanish cover is also sad with Aunt Fern watching Tulip fighting Benjamin.
    • The Yoko book from 1998 which shows Yoko crying in front of Miss Jenkins after getting teased for having sushi. Another sad illustration from the same book shows Yoko sitting alone frowning.
    • The 2014 book "Yoko Finds Her Way" where Yoko's mother becomes very worried and searching for her daughter at the airport after Yoko goes to clean herself up in the bathroom after eating a popsicle. The entire time Yoko's mother is sleeping after drinking tea. The reason this is a Tearjerker is because Yoko's mother is mostly optimistic and very calm but seeing her getting very worried about losing her daughter is heartwrenching to look at. Especially the illustration showing Yoko's mother standing next to a worker at the airport staring at the viewer with a worried look realizing that she went through the wrong door and ended herself up in middle of "The Rising Sun Airline". Another sad moment in the book shows Yoko's mother at the food court and calls for Yoko and tears start streaming down her cheeks. At one point, the pizza shop and hot dog vendors ask her to try some of the food they made. Yoko's mother turns this down over her missing daughter.
      Yoko's mother: I just want my baby!
    • In the book "When I Grow Up" Yoko's mother starts crying when the Netsuke family is stolen.
    • The book "Following Grandfather" while a children's book, is very different and a lot sadder and serious compared to her typical lighthearted style. Wells is also the author of the book but doesn't do the illustrations.
    • In the book "Yoko's Show-And-Tell", Yoko is making a Thousand-Yard Stare throughout school until she got home due to her knowing she disobeyed her mother knowing she shouldn't bring bring the doll Miki to school for show and tell since its fragile. Earlier the franks are seen tossing Miki on the bus while Yoko yells no until it falls on the ground in a puddle all smashed in pieces. When she finally gets home, Yoko is seen sitting and worried hoping her mother doesn't find out that Miki is broken. When her mother is about to get Miki Yoko yells No at her. She then gets Kimi broken in pieces and is seen crying into her mother's chest.
    • Charles crying in "Shy Charles" after his father calls him out on his shyness at a football game.
    • The Yoko & Friends book "Mama Don't Go!" mentions that Yoko cried hard and loud when her mother left for Yoko's first day of school.
    • Voyage To The Bunny Planet is mostly sweet but seeing how some of the main bunny characters going through a rough day can be pretty sad eapecially Claire and Felix's day at school.
  • Toy Ship: Yoko and Timothy best friends. It's implied that Timothy and Yoko have a crush on each other as seen in the majority of books of Well's Yoko books and in the Animated Adaptation of Timothy Goes to School.
  • Values Dissonance: In "Morris' Disappearing Bag", Morris's sister Betty gets a chemistry set for Christmas. Morris along with his brothers and sisters are young children and Morris is a toddler. Each of his siblings (Later Morris) each try to mix actual chemicals such as acid and creating a new gas. When the book was created in 1975, chemistry sets were a popular Christmas gift given to children along with some being found in various stores. While chemistry sets can still be found today in children's stores, Back in the 50's - early 90's children's chemistry sets would contain dangerous substances and sometimes would cause an explosion!
    • The books Hazel's Amazing Mother and Benjamin & Tulip can be a little uncomfortable to read nowadays due to how strict modern laws are when it comes to violence on children's media including shows and books along with how serious bullying is taken these days.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Some of Wells' other books she made without her signature animal illustrations such as "Red Moon" and "Through The Hidden Door" are geared towards older readers. Which explains why she doesn't do illustrations for those books along with "Helping Children Cope With Divorce" and "Helping Children Cope With Grief". Probably to avoid the situation Raymond Briggs did by using the same Illustrations for The Snowman for his comic book When the Wind Blows.
    • Actually, "Through The Hidden Door" is illustrated.
  • The Woobie: All of the bunnies (Felix, Robert, and Claire) that appear in the "Bunny Planet" series. Especially Felix from the story "The Island Light", who is sick and had a terrible experience with the doctor and nurse, gets a cold shower and his father had to fix the pipes while his mother calls for a plumber to fix the pipe. Poor Felix didn't get a kiss goodnight as a result.
    • Yoko the Kitten was treated like this in the 1998 Yoko book.
    • Timothy is seen crying a few times in the original "Timothy Goes To School" book after Claude gives negative comments about what he's wearing.
    • Yoko's mother falls into this trope in Yoko Finds Her Way, when she starts crying at the food court while desperately searching for her daughter.
    • You've got to feel sorry for Hazel in "Hazel's Amazing Mother" after getting picked on by Doris and her two bully friends.


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