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YMMV / Rosario Vampire: Brightest Darkness

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  • Angst? What Angst?: Several characters, such as Tsukune, Luna, and Kyouko, have been raped, but end up coming out of it none the worse for wear and largely brush it off. It's especially noticeable with Apoch and Astreal, who were brainwashed into being Jovian and Jacqueline's slaves in Act V, including sexually, and were fully aware of their actions and unable to control their bodies the entire time.
    • Averted with Mizore; when she's raped by Miyabi in Act II, she has a Freak Out!, believes herself Defiled Forever, and even attempts suicide.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Hokuto Kaneshiro is far more vicious than his manga counterpart. Seeking to bring back Alucard to watch him destroy the planet, because he considers all life, human or monster, to be evil and meaningless trash, Hokuto has absolutely zero qualms against resorting to villainous and brutal means to further his plans. Such means include manipulating the protagonists into believing he's on their side; kidnapping Felucia and using her spirit artifact to extort her into being his minion; manipulating Kuyou into attacking the Yokai Academy as a distraction to steal an Artifact of Doom; and ordering Jovian and Jacqueline to hold Tsukune's family hostage to force Moka to come to him without a fight. In an effort to prove to Moka that human/monster co-existence is impossible, he personally orders Jovian and Jacqueline to cause as much destruction and death in Tsukune's hometown to force the gang to reveal they are monsters by fighting them, attempting to get them killed by the very humans they had sworn to protect before her very eyes. After his point has been proved false, Hokuto refuses to give up his evil ways and stabbed Moka in the guts with the Artifact of Doom, right in front of Tsukune. Upon being defeated, he gloats to Tsukune that he still wins, as Alucard has been succesfully resurrected. While he claimed to act for a higher cause, it's made clear that he's just an insane and nihilistic sociopath.
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    • Falla Cii was one of the three princesses of the chronofly kingdom, along with Luna and Complica. Viewing the Complica as a disgrace for their species, she sent her to her death by telling her how to use a forbidden spell to save her deceased boyfriend. Out of jealousy that Luna was going to become the queen instead of her, Falla attemped to kill her several times—including one which caused her father's death—then caused the near-extinction of her race. In Act IV, to get Luna to restore her powers, Falla tricked her and her friends into thinking she wanted to become a good person. She then bisected Luna and rubbed in the others' faces that her this was all an act. Brought back as a soul, and planning to get the Pandora's Box keys from the group to get back her body, she gleefully tortured her alternate self, threatening to kill Kyouko if she doesn't let her do so, and she forcing the others to watch all of it. A self-centered, manipulative sadist, devoid of any empathy or moral conscience whatsoever, Falla is nothing short of a sociopathic monster.
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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Luna. If this reaction journal is any indication.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The fic has been going strong well before the end of the Rosario+Vampire manga, so some of these examples were inevitable.
    • Dark's Extreme Mêlée Revenge on Miyabi: Turns out Dark just beat up and killed Alucard.
    • Akasha being revived to help combat the threat of Babylon: She has been technically alive the whole time in the manga. Akasha is the Outer Moka we all know and love. Bonus points for the two being separate individuals in the fic and, therefore, communicating with one another.
    • Tsukune becoming a full-fledged vampire happened here first before it became official in the manga.
    • Turns out that Kokoa does start dating someone as of the manga epilogue... but it's not Gin like in the fic. Rather, it is Gin's good old friend Haji. Talk about awkward.
  • Informed Wrongness: In Act III chapter 13, Kurumu and the others call Mizore out on Dark's treatment of Tsukune, specifically his statement that he only saved Tsukune from the ghoul-infected Kokoa so Kokoa could repay her debt to him and make amends, and then he'll kill him to prevent the ghoul from surfacing again. However, Mizore and Felucia inform them that Dark was actually pulling a Jerkass Façade to trick the headmaster into thinking that the Holy Lock's damage wasn't critical yet and find time to figure out a solution, and then outright accuse the others of being Ungrateful Bastards and giving Dark too little credit. Of course, they had good reason to take Dark's words at face value, considering the fact that Dark had repeatedly stated beforehand that if he even suspected that the lock wouldn't hold, he would kill Tsukune without hesitation.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
  • What an Idiot!:
    • In Act II, Tsukune's inner ghoul, in a Hyde Plays Jekyll scenario, approaches Kokoa, claiming to love her and not Moka, and to know a way around the Eia Dreahl, a sacred vampire pact punishable by death if broken that Kokoa invoked with Moka in an effort to steal Tsukune from her and lost. Love Makes You Dumb is in full effect here; Kokoa never once suspects anything odd, or considers the fact that Tsukune couldn't possibly have known a way around the Eia Dreahl because he didn't know that it even existed before Kokoa invoked it, and ends up tricked into giving the ghoul a massive surge of monster energy from her newfound overcharge that enables it to become a full-fledged ghoul and usurp Tsukune's body completely. While Tsukune is soon given a Holy Lock to suppress the ghoul, she's so horrified and guilt-ridden over the fact that the ghoul played her so easily that she nearly kills herself.
    • Akua and Kahlua during Act III. They help Kiria in his plan to rewrite history in favor of the monsters with Chrono Displacement using Tsukune's ghoul form, genuinely believing that that was the extent of Kiria's plan. In chapter 52, upon their defeat, Tsukune and the others point out that Kiria had three dozen cases of Blackheart for usage in the plan; one little vial of Blackheart would be enough for the ghoul to change history in favor of the monster world, so if he had the power to change history as he saw fit, why would he make so much of the stuff for one use? Instead of Akua and Kahlua realizing the truth on their own, Tsukune and co. have to practically spell it out to them that Kiria also planned to send Blackheart-infected monsters out to the dark lords themselves, as well as any other monster powerful enough to oppose him, to ensure that in the new timeline, he would be the only ruler, and that as part of his plan, he would have had Akua and Kahlua, and possibly Moka and Kokoa as well, infected with Blackheart and sent back to kill Issa and destroy the Shuzen empire from within. Akua and Kahlua are completely shocked that they were nothing but Kiria's Unwitting Pawns all along.
    • In Act VI, Kokoa and Sun end up having quite a tense relationship, because Sun, despite having spurned Gin's Love Confession years before, is jealous of Kokoa's relationship with Gin and just can't get the hint that he doesn't love her anymore, which escalates into her spying on Gin and Kokoa having sex. When Kokoa finds out, she activates her overcharge while angrily demanding to know why Sun just can't understand that Gin is her boyfriend now. Rather than Know When to Fold 'Em and back off Kokoa before she digs herself in any deeper, Sun flat-out tells Kokoa to her face that she doesn't deserve Gin at all, while causes Kokoa to completely blow her stack, punch her clean through a wall and T.K.O. her, and then chase Felucia, who was carrying Sun away, through the halls of Fang Fang's villa and attack them both in an Unstoppable Rage. The end result: Sun ultimately winds up in the infirmary brain dead from Kokoa's attack, with the group needing to find a magic spell to revive her (though it should be noted that Kokoa never meant to go that far, and is horrified at what she did to Sun

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