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  • And You Thought It Would Fail: On the podcast, various Marvel Cinematic Universe films have been mocked as terrible ideas, particularly Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man. Guardians was a surprise success and a candidate for one of Marvel's best films, while Ant-Man was a critical and commercial success (albeit to a lesser extent).
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  • Archive Panic: The Rooster Teeth Podcast celebrated its 500th episode in 2018. While the length of episodes fluctuated in the early days, it eventually settled on being ninety minutes to two hours long on average. And this is just one podcast the company puts out. They have several more.
  • Broken Base:
    • #FeministRoosterTeethnote  vs #Hugs4Ray exemplify the way that Raynote  could be seen as this; some people believe he, above the other Achievement Hunters, has gone too far with some of his jokes. In recent videos Ray can be seen trying to appease the latter side of the fanbase, as in Let's Play Minecraft episode 82 where he says, "I punch like a girl," but immediately backtracks, "A little girl. Not a woman. Women are strong."
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    • Lindsay Jones, Ashley Jenkins, and Meg Turney are mostly liked by the fans, although there are a very vocal group of sexist fans who believe they only got their jobs by dating someone in the company. Despite all the evidence proving otherwise. Barbara similarly is generally well-liked by fans and has a number of male admirers, but then also has a small-though-vocal group who dislike her for reasons that seem to single her out compared to the guys.
    • Rooster Teeth Entertainment System got this since its preview, usually being broken between "this is terrible" or "this is awesome" (and, due to being sponsors only, coming along with the usual arguments over whether or not Rooster Teeth should be focusing more on... well, sponsors only content). It didn't help that the preview gave no indication what the show was about, the first trailer didn't do much better, and the very second actual episode clip they gave was "My Little Droney", a rather unfaithful My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic parody full of Black Comedy. The general consensus is that the show seems good, but is not making a good first impression, and plenty of people are giving up on it already. Although it doesn't matter anyway since it was quietly cancelled after a few episodes, making people wonder why the even bothered making the show to begin with.
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    • Some people's reaction to The Gauntlet falls into this. They either think it was a great idea or really annoying.
      • The divide has increased in 2013, with fans of the show now split between those who were glad there was a second season and those who thought that one season was enough, on top of the already existing Broken Base.
    • The acquisition of Rooster Teeth by Fullscreen. Many fans see this as a way to make the quality of their productions a little better, especially with the upcoming Lazer Team. Other fans feel that Rooster Teeth is going to be censored and ultimately lose everything should Fullscreen decide to shut everything down. This is despite the fact that one of Fullscreen's franchises is Cyanide & Happiness which makes even the most vulgar of RT look tame. Fullscreen's censoring critical content from other channels hasn't helped matters.
    • Some of the potentially more offensive jokes fall into this, particularly ones involving issues such as the mentally handicapped and sexual assault and/or rape. While some feel that joking is not the same as endorsing and thus acceptable for comedy, many others (particularly women on the latter issue) feel that such humor is unwelcome. Notably, on a post Barbara made to try and engage female viewers by seeing what they wanted most, the highest rated comments typically said something along the lines of "no rape jokes". On The Spot #10 in particular has been very divisive, in part due to the humor but also due to the fact that it was age-restricted by request on YouTube and had a warning that may or may not have been too vague.
    • Another issue is the ever-increasing amount of "Sponsor Only" content Rooster Teeth is putting out. On one hand, some fans (mainly the Sponsors) are glad they're getting more bang for their buck. Others feel that they are largely ignoring their non-sponsor fans, especially now that Sponsors are getting content a full day before everyone else leading to spoilers galore.
      • With the announcement that shows such as the 14th season of Red vs. Blue, RWBY chibi, RWBY season 4, and Camp Camp will air to sponsors a week early, this is bound to intensify.
    • The sheer amount of content that the company as a whole puts out. It either means there's a diverse range of shows for fans to watch, or there's too much content which puts viewers off. Fans who don't have a problem with this keep watching as normal, those that do have issues tend to watch newer stuff such as Funhaus, which uploads fewer videos.
    • As a result of YouTube's changes to their monetization and content policies, they stopped posting full episodes of their animated shows to YouTube and began redirecting viewers to their website. While some are fine with this change, others thought it was unfair to their Youtube watchers that they had to create another account to view the episodes. Miles Luna has defended the decision, saying that it is a result of YouTube's changing policies and RT site accounts are free (and entirely optional, as much of the content is viewable without an account). Burnie Burns has also stated in the past that he prefers their site to be the main hub for their content since they were producing content well before the advent of YouTube.
  • Crosses the Line Twice:
    • Jack's phone number being given out at RTX 2013 by Joel.
      • Well, Joel had switched the SIM cards for Jack's phone and gave out the new number, so it is all fine.
    • Ryan joking that Murder Is the Best Solution in The Gauntlet, which itself led to a series of jokes about how if a team gets eliminated he then kills them.
    • While playing "making headlines" on On the Spot, the contestants discuss what not to do at the 9/11 memorial. Joking about playing Pokémon GO? Bad. Joking about the 9/11 memorial having a lot of Ghastly? Hilarious.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: The fandom frequently asks if Gavin and Barbara are dating, and encourages them to just as frequently. Finally lampshaded after several podcasts. Her adamant admission on The Rooster Teeth Podcast that she and Gavin have not and will not date each other has done nothing to quell the fandom.
  • First Installment Wins: Even to this day Rooster Teeth will always be known to various people and news sites as "the creators of Red vs. Blue", even with the current huge popularity of RWBY and Achievement Hunter's Let's Plays. The machinima series was even the most consistently-mentioned RT-produced series when news sites spread the word of the studio's acquisition. See Periphery Demographic below for the inverse, mostly among newer fans, or their fans who show complete disinterest in Halo.
  • Friendly Fandoms:
    • Fans of Smosh and SeaNanners tend to like Rooster Teeth, owing to the collaboration between Rooster Teeth and both aforementioned groups. The same goes for Video Game High School and iJustine.
    • In spite of some friction, there are quite a few people who are fans of both the Yogscast and Achievement Hunter. Gavin himself seems to be a fan of Simon Lane and Lewis Brindley, if his Twitter account is any indication, and vice versa. There's particular overlap with fans of Hat Films due to Ashley interviewing them at E3 and being a fan of their trailers, plus Trott being a Red vs Blue fan.
    • Overlapping with Red vs. Blue, many Rooster Teeth fans are Halo fans and vice versa, owing to the source material for RVB.
    • Fans of Arby 'n' the Chief are also fans of Rooster Teeth. Jon Graham and the guys at RT actually get on extremely well, and have worked together many times.
    • Before it was canned by its parent company, this was potentially the case with, a movie review website that also operated from Austin, Texas. Spill even hosted their annual fan convention (SpillDotCon) jointly with Rooster Teeth during RTX.
    • Some with Game Grumps, due to Ray being a huge fan, as well as Monty Oum having influenced both Arin and Ross.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: The Animated Adventure episode "Co-Pilot Calamity", which was originally released in July 2012, relates to a co-pilot that accidentally causes the plane to nearly dip and crash. Fastforward to March 2015 and Germanwings Flight 9525 wasn't as lucky.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Australians enjoy RT's work a lot, and the company love them back for it, with employees making frequent appearances at Australian conventions such as PAX Australia. Lazer Team's international premiere was even be held in the country, as Australia was the second-highest country (behind the United States and just slightly ahead of Canada) to donate to the Indiegogo campaign. The ultimate result was the June 2015 announcement of RTX Australia.
  • Growing the Beard: The reaction towards Season 2 of The Gauntlet is considerably more positive than the reaction towards Season 1. It probably helps that there's a mix of people besides community members. There's even an Australian fan who became a part of RT - Caiti Ward, founder of the fanclub Roo Teeth, married Achievement Hunter's Jack Patillo and now lives in Austin doing work for RT.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • Relationship Goals, a short-lived series that showcased Geoff and Griffon's love for one-another while they interviewed other couples, is harder to watch now that the two have divorced (amicably, mind, and its largely because their work-lives are too incompatible rather than a loss of love, but still).
    • Monty's workaholic nature and all the times Burnie and Miles talked about the crunch they went through for Red vs Blue became this after June 2019 when Glassdoor reviews revealed that the management at Rooster Teeth were subjecting the animation teams to horrendous crunch periods of 80 hour work weeks and unpaid overtime during work on Genlock and RWBY volume 6, prompting a massive backlash against the company. While Matt put out a quick response assuring viewers that steps would be taken to lessen the crunch, the Glassdoor accounts themselves mentioned that managers were fond of saying they'd look into the crunch before doing nothing, leaving some skeptical that anything would change.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Michael talking about Rooster Teeth on his personal channel before he was officially hired.
    • In The Gauntlet, Team Internet Celebrity claim they'll go on to be the winners of the tournament. They come last in the KOTH match in Halo, and are the first to be eliminated- with Gavin of all people managing to beat iJustine in spite of, one, a massive time delay for AH because Michael had lagged behind a bit, two, Gavin being an iffish gamer, and three, Greg Miller having gained a huge head start on the other teams.
      • Half of the members of Team Internet Celebrity now work for different divisions of Rooster Teeth.
    • The shorts "A Million Dollars But..." takes on a more hilarious tone when it's revealed that Burnie and Ashley were participating in The Amazing Race - they have been offered a million dollars, but, they must race across the world and get there first. They decided it wasn't worth it - they lost.
    • The short Angry Birds: The Movie came out in 2011, imagining what a live action version of the game would be. 5 years later, there really was The Angry Birds Movie, albeit as an animated feature.
  • Ho Yay:
    • To an extent, the entire Rooster Teeth crew toward each other, particularly among the Achievement Hunter group. They will often make homoerotic comments/jokes about each other and themselves, especially since the discovery of Michael/Gavin (and shipping in general).
    • Played for Laughs in this RT Recap. Jessica Nigri appears wearing various cosplays... except in the end when she's naked and covered with a black censor bar, leaving her to question what she's cosplaying right now, causing the numerous RT men (aside from Brandon who is just staring) filming and taking pictures of the shooting to stutter and run away in fear. Kara is also among their number.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Gus Sorola is well on the way to becoming this. On The Gauntlet, he's been portrayed as a cunning Manipulative Bastard who plays mind games with the others.
  • Memetic Badass: Really, any member of the Rooster Teeth staff that is seen on a somewhat frequent basis can get turned into this by fans. A few examples:
    • Geoff, owing to his laugh.
    • Burnie, having punched out a horse.
    • Jack, due to his Badass Beard. Ryan claims it is the source of his prowess at Trials HD.
    • "Mogar", Michael's warrior alter-ego. Michael himself as well from Rage Quit.
    • Ray, thanks to his various Catch Phrases and his status as The Ace.
    • Joel gets this less than others, but still counts. Due to him playing the president in the Angry Birds (fake) movie trailer and at least one Animated Adventure, fans will often say "Joel for President" and variations.
    • "#DanTheMan".
    • Mark Nutt is to Gavin what Mogar is to Michael.
    • Ryan slowly made his way toward this. He regularly proves to be a tough competitor in the Let's Plays, and was capable of defeating Team Nice Dynamite in Let's Play Minecraft Episode 36.
      • As well, agree with what he says if he raises his voice even a decibel. There's also a running joke that if somebody is missing, he's killed them, and when the Internet team for The Gauntlet showed up people joked that had they tried doing that to Ryan, he would have killed them.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • "Headlight fluid".
    • "Kevin sent me."
    • "God damn it, Barbara" for whenever someone in the comments makes a lame pun, due to Barbara's habit of making puns about everything. Sometimes used as "God damn it, Barb", which is the punchline for many Rooster Teeth Vines and always shouted by Burnie.
  • Memetic Psychopath: In real life, Miles seems to be a pretty nice guy, Troll tendencies notwithstanding, but fans often talk about him as if he's an evil bastard who feeds off of the tears of fans, due to some of the more tragic moments that he has been involved in writing.
  • Misblamed: In general, if there's a change to Red vs. Blue, Burnie will get the blame for it, even though he doesn't write the actual scripts any more — that job goes to Miles, or whatever showrunner. Burnie does green light things, but still doesn't deserve the blame for changes (granted, Miles doesn't either).
  • Most Annoying Sound: Michael's screaming during Rage Quit and other times when he's frustrated can be very grating, and a Running Gag in his Resident Evil: Revelations Let's Play was that sometimes when playing as Jill he would squeal "Barry!" in a really high-pitched voice.
  • Never Live It Down: Gavin made a slip up on "headlight fluid" once. He's been given stuff so extreme as death threats for the odd slip up.
  • Periphery Demographic: A very small part of their fanbase loves everything RT puts out, but avoids or refuses to watch Red vs. Blue, the show that got them their initial popularity. This is most likely due to the (incorrect) assumption that one must like or know quite a bit about Halo to enjoy it, something that may not be true of a fan who got into RT through, say, Achievement Hunter, the podcast, or RWBY, instead of Red vs. Blue. Even among these fans, some only enjoy Achievement Hunter, some are only interested in RWBY, etc.
    • In terms of age groups, a disturbing number of kids below 13 years old love their shows, even though they shouldn't be watching them. Michael Jones has expressed his dislike of having young fans of his Rage Quit series come up to him with their parents beside them for autographs. Geoff Ramsey has even stated he goes out of his way to make sure his daughter Millie doesn't watch any of his videos because he knows how foul-mouthed he gets. This was partially a motivation behind Game Kids and some of their works (such as RWBY) are far more family-friendly.
    • This was actually expressed in a blog letter prior to the release of RWBY Volume 3 Episode 6, warning that they know there are younger fans who like the series, but it was going to take a dark turn soon and maybe they should reconsider letting them watch it. Seeing as one character was split apart, another was Swallowed Whole and a third was shot through the heart and disintegrated by the time the Volume was over, they weren't kidding.
  • Portmanteau Couple Name: The most popular is Mavin (Michael/Gavin), and they are fully aware of it.
  • Squick:
    • When Gus got the shingles, Gavin lost a bet that he himself made and had to lick his infected leg.
    • Somebody sent gorilla poop to the office.
    • A dead bird was found on Monty's car, with flies hanging around it and when Kathleen picked it up, maggots crawled out of it. Link here for those curious.
    • Podcast #203 when Gavin mentioned the video of an R.O.V. that had made a cut into an oil pipe at a depth of 3000 feet. As this happened, a hapless crab came along and got sucked into the tiny slit the sawblade had made due to the intense ΔP (differential pressure). We're talking a hard-shell crab being sucked in through an opening no more than two centimeters wide.
    • As with any case of Real Person Shipping, the fact that some fans do this squicks the fans who are against the practice.

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