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YMMV / Romancing SaGa

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  • Game-Breaker: Hasten Time and O-Overdrive! The ultimate Hydrology spells, both achieved by Spell Synthesis (which can only be performed by Rosalian Mages and Imperial Scholars). Both allow you to instantly end the turn — for your enemies. Overdrive lets the caster then act five times, while Hasten Time lets the whole party get a move in.
  • Never Live It Down:
    • In a sense; Galahad's mainly known for how you can kill him to get the Ice Sword.
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    • It's even better in the The Ultimania Story, he is killed then revived by Grey, Galahad even says: "You could have just asked me for the sword."
  • Player Punch:
  • Another potential punch doesn't need a cutscene: "Alright, I'll just pop into Weston real quick and WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?!" Note that this one can happen even if the player isn't aware of the Jewel Beast beforehand, making it an even worse shock for unwary players.
  • That One Boss: While most bosses can prove unpleasant if you discover too late you're unprepared, Flunky Boss Ewei is a particularly shining example. As are the Four Elemental Lords (and their Superpowered Evil Sides).
  • That One Level: The Isle of Evil. Features folding and moving stairs that accelerate the higher you climb; the slightest misstep sends you right to the bottom of the tower, forcing you to climb up again. Getting the timing right is... difficult. Oh, and if you leave, that's it: you can't come back. So you have to get everything done in a single trip.
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  • That One Sidequest: In terms of getting the materials for it, Gray upgrading his Falcata is no easy feat, especially the specific type of Mullock needed to complete the quest, you just need to spam Blunt Strike many times in battle (Blunt Strike does no damage and may paralyze the enemy)
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Most of the characters got a new look for Minstrel Song. Not all of these makeovers went over well.

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