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YMMV / Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers

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  • Arc Fatigue: In the anime, the fog temple barrier mystery that lasted from episodes 4 to 12 was this. Some fans felt that the story had fallen to a grinding halt with the Braves stuck in the same foggy area episode after episode not getting much done besides accuse each other of being the fake Seventh.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Pretty much any of the Braves not named Adlet, Hans or Fremy became divisive characters for the viewers due their actions through the course of the first arc. Reasons include:
    • Nashetania was initially liked, being a cheerful Warrior Princess that believed in Adlet's potential from the beginning, but once the Braves are trapped in the mist barrier, her almost-bipolar behaviour often makes things worse for the group and especially to Adlet, and later she quickly dismish Adlet as a traitor (believing Mora's lies with ease) and tries to kill him herself, garnering many detractors. Of course, with The Reveal that she was the Seventh and that her actions were part of her plans to foil the advance of the Braves instead of foolish, random acts improved the opinions towards her, since she was supposed to be a villainous character all along, though there is still a side of the viewers who think that her goal to achieve to coexistence of both humans and fiends by sacrificing the lives of many innocent people is very dumb and/or despicable.
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    • For some, Goldov is considered a very bland character with little charisma and no other traits other than being Nashetania's lapdog, who is just there to fill the number of Braves. Others, argue that, considering his past, his extreme loyalty towards Nashetania is justified, and that there is more to him than that, just that the anime didn't reach to the part where he's given spotlight.
    • Regarding Chamot, some fans think her actions are perfectly reasonable given her backstory as a child with god-like powers, while others can't stand the mention of her name due to all the same qualities. Her willingness to just indiscriminately kill her fellow braves one by one to find out who the Seventh is and believing she can handle the Majin by herself has made things worse for her character towards the fandom.
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    • Opinions on Mora were neutral at first, but once she starts her personal crusade towards Adlet, people started to dislike her. It doesn't helps that she went her way lying, manipulating and even coercing the other Braves to kill Adlet through the arc, nor that she never bothers to let Adlet defend and justify himself, attacking him at any chance she has. That she dind't turn out to be the Seventh didn't make her any favours, as people accused her of being very stupid due wanting to kill a teammate due a mere suspicion, thing that would have condemned the world. However, those who read the original source defended her actions arguing that she didn't do all of that due a simple hunch, and her reasons are revealed later in the novels, just that the anime didn't adapt that part.
  • Ho Yay: Adlet and Hans all the way. Once Hans starts to belive in Adlet, both become close and Hans is willing to give his life for Adlet in many moments.
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  • Shocking Swerve: It would be more surprising to see it not happen at the end of a story arc/volume as a hook for the next.
  • Squick: Chamot's method of summoning monsters involved sticking a weed down her throat and vomiting a large puddle around her. What the hell, kid?!

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