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  • Funny Moments: For a guy known for dark, depressing lyrics and in general being a bit of a grumpy asshole (though he has mellowed out in recent years), Waters' albums usually have a surprising amount of humor:
    • 5:01 AM [The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking, Part 10]:
    "Jump!" said Yoko Ono
    "I'm too scared and too good looking!" I cried
    • The "I don't like fish" guy at the end of "Sunset Strip"
    • Most of Jim the DJ's dialogue in "Four Minutes" is definite Black Comedy.
    • The crazy old man singing on the phone after "What God Wants (Part 3)". Especially when the monkey hangs up on him.
    • Some really dark comedy in "Is This The Life We Really Want?"
  • Ho Yay: Roger Waters & Syd Barrett, according to some fans.
  • Narm: The song "The Tide Is Turning (After Live Aid)" is actually quite moving on its own, but the idea that Live Aid restored Billy's faith in humanity so he decided not to bomb the world is pretty ridiculous.
    • The lyrics and concept of Radio KAOS fall into this in general, especially when Waters starts listing people seemingly towards the end of "Home."
  • Never Live It Down: Spitting on a fan in 1977.
    • The bad blood between himself and the Waters-less Floyd over the rights to the name "Pink Floyd"; 30+ years and plenty of mellowing out, reconciliation and reunions/semi-reunions later, Waters is still asked questions in interviews about the feud in the 2010s.
  • Tear Jerker: Many, both in Pink Floyd and solo. Notable examples from his solo career include "5:06 AM (Every Stranger's Eyes)" from Pros and Cons, the story of Bill Hubbard that Book-Ends Amused to Death (although the ending section doubles as a Heartwarming Moment), and the images on the wall during "Bring the Boys Back Home" during The Wall tour.
  • Values Dissonance: Waters was using racial slurs in his songs as late as 1992, though he has always been explicitly anti-racist in his beliefs (antisemitism is another matter entirely).
  • Vindicated by History:
    • His solo albums and tours originally sold poorly, but Waters is now a top concert attraction.
    • The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking flopped on its release but eventually went gold. Even many fans at the time of its release thought it was a pretentious vanity project, but over the years, they've come to appreciate the personal nature of Roger's songwriting on this album.
    • Amused To Death, nowadays seen as a worthy Spiritual Successor to Waters' Floyd-era material (to the point where he himself rated in 2014 as equal to The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall), was pretty low-selling compared to the Gilmour-era Floyd releases, and the controversy of "What God Wants, Part 1" and its accompanying music video led to MTV and radio passing on promoting the album (Waters also refused to tour behind it). However, it has since gained in status, to the point where it received a high-resolution remaster in 2015.


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