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YMMV / Rockula

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  • Awesome Music:
    • "The Night" by Toni Basil (Phoebe), who also gets to show off her dancing skills, which are as good as ever.
    • "Budpest by Blimp" by Thomas Dolby (Stanley).
  • Ham and Cheese: Toni Basil is just a whirlwind in most of her scenes, and Thomas Dolby has Evil Brit down to a fine art, with gusto to spare.
  • Narm: You'd be here all day, so let's just say pretty much everything. Special mention, however, goes to "Rapula (He's The DJ, I'm The Vampire)." Come back, Vanilla Ice, all is forgiven!
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  • So Bad, It's Good: Aside from the fact that the movie has shown its age, it does have a small cult following that enjoys some of its elements. From the rather ridiculous plot, to some of the cheesy songs, as well as the Ralph's deformed bat transformation.

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