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YMMV / Rockman No Constancy

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  • Awesome Music: All of it. A good example would be the Get Weapon theme.
  • Scrappy Weapon: Ice Circle is a worse version of Leaf Shield, with low ammo count and slower movement. The only use would be against Heat Man.
  • That One Boss:
    • Wood Man. His Ice Circle moves much slower than the Leaf Shield (enough to ruin any attempt to jump over it), and the four other snowflakes (leaves) move insanely fast. It's practically impossible to defeat him without the Delay Flame, so don't bother trying. It doesn't help that he gives you the the worst weapon in the entire game upon defeat.
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    • Flash Man stops time more frequently than he did in Mega Man 2, but the direction of his shots are completely random, sometimes shooting straight at you. Doesn't help that the shots do a lot of damage.
  • That One Level: Flash Man's stage: tons of enemies placed in a way to suggest the author was trying to piss you off, lots of bottomless pits, and an annoying boss (who is probably hell without the Wind Slicer) to top it all off.

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