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YMMV / Rocket Robin Hood

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  • Earworm: The opening theme.
  • Genius Bonus: The opening theme is accompanied not on a guitar, but on a lute.
  • I Liked It Better When It Sucked: The Ralph Bakshi-produced episodes upped it to So Okay, It's Average, much to the detriment of fans.
  • Memetic Mutation: Once again, pretty much exclusively limited to Canada, but any mention of Little John's "fabulous electro-quarterstaff" is unlikely to go unnoticed. To a lesser extent, the scene in which Friar Tuck scarfs back mutton legs, grapes, and other foods, taking only one bite out of each and then throwing it over his shoulder.
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  • Narm Charm
  • Nightmare Fuel: Surprisingly enough, some of the second and third season adversaries were this, particularly Manta, who could bring trees, boulders, and even an entire mountain to a semblance of life, and Infinata, "a master intelligence who controls by the power of evil thought alone." Not to mention Dr. Medulla, who somehow converted an entire planet into a giant articifical brain totally under his control, and everything connected to it, including giant plants, trees, and even volcanic craters, and had Robin not stopped him, it could have been capable of sending out impulses to control other worlds as well.
  • Padding: Between the lengthy opening theme, the oft-repeated "character profiles" and the show's annoying habit of recapping, in detail what just happened before the last commercial break, each half-hour episode would consist of maybe ten minutes of original animation. Five, if you factor out all of the Stock Footage.
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  • Painful Rhyme: From the theme song: "I may well confound you, astound you, spellbound you."
  • So Bad, It's Good: Although even then it can get pretty repetitive if you watch more than one or two episodes at a time.


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