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YMMV / Rocket Jockey

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  • Awesome Music: A surf guitar soundtrack courtesy of Dick Dale.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Several.
    • Drag a person long enough in Rocket War and you may rip a piece of underwear off-either polka-dotted boxers or a brown bra. It seems to pick one at random, NOT based on the victim's gender; this means you can tear a bra off of a male jockey!
    • In Rocket Ball, if you can gain access to three balls and connect them in series, with two of the balls being connected twice, and then give the result a good swing, the whole thing will totally spaz out while flying higher than anyone can go with bikes. It'll then occasionally come crashing down, likely brutally clotheslining anyone in the vicinity. In rare cases, the cables may break on something and the weirdness will cease.
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    • People may be rammed THROUGH THE ARENA WALL and walk around outside.
    • Tying a jockey to anything stationary with a Shrinker Line, or to a rotating pylon with a regular cable (which has the Shrinker Line effect on anything attached to it regardless of cable type, so don't stay hooked to it for too long), is a guaranteed kill because the poor sap keeps getting dragged into the anchoring object for Collision Damage.
  • That One Level: One Rocket War level (Buttkicker Blues) has two fairly large areas joined by a very narrow corridor. It's barely enough to fit your bike (with lots of bumping), and if you don't get the entry angle exactly right you pinball off and accumulate damage. Do it enough and your bike blows; if no AI riders are on your side of the level, it effectively forces you to restart it. Or you can hope that there's an unused bike at the other end and walk through on foot, further hoping that you won't get mercilessly dragged around by any riders on that side.
    • Referee's Revenge, the final Rocket War stage. See that part above about Artificial Brilliance? Now what if we told you that this is the only level in the game where you do not start off with a rocket bike? This Is Gonna Suck.


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