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  • Abandon Shipping: After Tim and Cass became siblings, though this didn't seem to matter to some.
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Tim's indifference to relationships, as well as him never falling for the Honey Pot has created a theory that he is the DC universe's first Asexual character.
    • At the end of Chris Yost's Red Robin run, Tim manages to stop Ras' plan to use Hush, who was masquerading as the missing Bruce Wayne at the time, to claim Bruce's company. He went to Wayne Tower to confront him directly as a distraction for Lucius Fox to stop Hush. After barely managing to survive the encounter Tim reveals he deceived Ra's and gets thrown out the window with Dick saving his life. Afterward when Dick asks how did Tim knew he was going to save him, Tim simply responds that as his brother, Dick was always going to be there for him. However, some fans have noted that Tim had the chance earlier to tell Dick he would go after Ra's by himself but never did. It wouldn't make sense for Tim, who in this series grew more cold and methodical, to leave such an important detail of his plan to chance. This, along with his acknowledgment during the fight that he could die and his calm demeanor while falling to his death, have made some speculate that Tim went to confront Ra's fully expecting and willing to die and lied to Dick to spare his brother the concern.
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  • Author's Saving Throw: Stephanie Brown's return from the dead under Chuck Dixon's pen.
  • Broken Base: For Tim's Red Robin look: "Condom Head" vs. "Swan Queen". Some feel the condom head look works because it takes inspiration from Batman and is just more practical, which reflects Tim's character. The swan queen look is liked for having some practicality in the cape, though the previous cape was an armored easily detachable glider cape already. While nobody will say either is an amazing costume design, which one is better is up in the air.
  • Complete Monster: Vitoria, aka Wanderer, from Red Robin, was born in Brazil. As a young girl, she was abused by the men in the village. One day, while running from the men, she fell into a pit of venomous spiders. However, instead of dying, she gained the power to kill with a touch. After killing the men—which was justified—Vitoria murdered her mother, then went on a killing spree across South America, slaughtering people at random. When she grew bored with this, she recruited a band of like-minded psychos, which she names the Council of Spiders, and attacked the League of Assassins for sport, butchering dozens of its members in the process, and caring not a whit for any innocents who got in the way. Buried Alive after her plot failed, Vitoria killed the man who rescued her, before announcing her intention of moving on from targeting assassins to targeting heroes.
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  • Ghost Shipping: With Stephanie Brown after her death and before it was Retconed into her Faking the Dead and hiding out in Africa with Leslie.
  • Ho Yay: With Conner Kent for decades, starting in Young Justice when they were the Team Mom and Team Dad of the team. It got really weird after Conner died during Infinite Crisis, not only did Tim start dating Conner's girlfriend Wonder Girl, he also tried to clone Conner. After Conner's return Tim looked happier than he had in years and later on Conner said Tim would always be his Robin and Tim replied that Conner would always be his clone boy.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In one of his earliest appearances Anarky had a copy on V for Vendetta on his shelf. This was years before the movie came out and the whole Anonymous-Guy Fawkes mask-"We are legion" internet movement.
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  • Iron Woobie: Tim arguably has had the hardest life out of all the Robins. Sure Jason Todd died, but after Tim met Batman: his mother was killed (which Batman tried and failed to stop), his father was paralyzed, his girlfriend was killed (she got better but still), his father was killed, his best friend was killed (he got better but still), his stepmom was presumably killed, his other best friend was killed (he got better but still), his adoptive father was killed (he got better but still), he was the only Robin to be replaced while still using the title, his best friend in his civilian life developed cancer, two of his three brothers have made repeated attempts on his life and his sister framed him for murder. It's no wonder he can be a little moody at times.
  • Memetic Mutation: Marcus To was commissioned to do a sketch of Tim eating straight out of a bag of marshmallows. The fandom ran with this and came up with the idea that Tim is a stress-eater who particularly prefers marshmallows, and Marcus was commissioned to do a few other pieces involving Tim and marshmallows.
  • My Real Daddy: Chuck Dixon often gets this praise from Tim Drake fans, having defined the character, alongside a majority of the Batfamily as a whole, throughout the 90s and early 00s.
  • Narm: The name "Red Robin". Yes, it's a Kingdom Come Shout-Out... but it's also the name of a burger restaurant chain with a memorable ad campaign ("Reeeed Rooobin... yum!").
  • Older Than They Think: Contrary to what Tim fans claim, he was not the first Robin to be referred to as "Detective" by Ra's Al Ghul. Ra's had previously addressed Dick as "Detective" in an inner monologue in the months leading up to Batman Reborn.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Tim/Stephanie Brown fans versus Tim/Cassandra Cain fans versus Tim/Conner Kent fans.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: New 52 's origin for Tim Drake is heavily criticized by many fans. Pre-boot, he was an intelligent, nice guy Audience Surrogate with a non-athletic background who had the most "normal" upbringing of all the Robins and became Robin because he realized how important it was for Batman to have a Robin. In the New 52 continuity, he's an arrogant, friendless gymnast who has never been "Robin" and only ever been "Red Robin", he became Batman's sidekick because he wanted a challenge and his last name isn't really Drake.
  • Unexpected Character: The Wild Huntsman, a former Global Guardians member who'd long been in limbo and was last seen disappearing into the mists of time, shows up working with security at a museum in Germany. His presence even surprises Tim.
  • WTH, Costuming Department?: Tim Drake's two Red Robin costumes get this reaction from different segments of the fandom: the Pre-Flashpoint one has a cowl that sometimes gets called "Condom Head" and the overall look is reminiscent of older but sometimes forgotten character Doctor Midnight, but without anything to break up the black (Midnight had a crescent moon and green goggles). The New 52 version, meanwhile, is often seen as too busy, highly derivative, and is sometimes called the "Swan Princess" look. The former costume also extends to Dick Grayson and Jason Todd, given they both wore it, too (albeit in Dick's case, in the Elseworlds story ‘’Kingdom Come’').

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