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YMMV / Road Redemption

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  • Breather Level: The time trial objectives. You are given plenty of time to reach point A to point B without requiring shortcuts, and you can use this time to stack up on some power-ups and kill as many rivals as you can for some cash, health and nitro.
    • The final level. After killing the Assassin in a difficult boss fight, you (and other players, somehow) will ride his vehicle that is capable of plowing through other vehicles! So run into every car to your hearts content.
    • The bonus level too is just straight up Rainbow Road taken from the Mario Kart games, and just as hard too. However there were no objectives, just race to the end as fast as you can.
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  • Demonic Spiders: Enemies with the shield icon. They will always deflect any regular attacks you swing, which can be a problem when other enemies stack up to you. Your best options are to deflect their attacks and then counter, break out ranged weapons (which have limited ammo) to take them down at a distance, kick them off the road or into oncoming traffic, or avoid them outright.
  • That One Level: The city rooftop levels, where you have to jump from building to building and optionally learn how to use the grappling hook.

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