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YMMV / Rise and Fall

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  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: We are treated to the...interesting sight of Tatari in a nurse outfit. For no purpose other than "mischief", or according to Igamu, to scare people.
  • Fetish Retardant: Nurse? What UTAU looks like a magical girl? Who is this character? It's Tatari! Though he's not the actual nurse, thankfully.
    • Apparently happens in-universe, too:
    Igamu: He comes in most days on lunch hour, scares students, scares staff. Sometimes scare me too.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: The character blurbs for all of those who end up dead are usually very sardonic and biting to the person in question.
  • Ho Yay: Tatari and Shun to the max.
  • Magnificent Bastard: This trope embodies Tatari to the end.
  • The Woobie: Mathieu, who is nothing but kind and sweet to everyone, is enduringly pursuing the love of his life (Aiko), at one point has to face the idea that his childhood friend Linako might be a murder victim, and eventually finds Tsubaki's dead body.
    • Arguably at the end Kaen as well, who comes to terms with the facts of I Just Want to Have Friends, and is desperately grasping at straws to gain the friends he may have lost, only to find one friend shot dead, end up a murderer by accident, and ultimately get stabbed and killed, watching the auditorium burn down and with the resonating knowledge that he has failed.

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