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YMMV page for the Visual Novel, Rewrite

  • Anticlimax Boss: In Terra route, Kotarou charges into Gaia headquarters and fights one strong T-Rex. Then he discovers that Sakura Kashima is already dead. Compared to Moon Route where Sakura Kashima technically sent an army of familiars, it felt quite anticlimatic.
  • Awesome Music: The second opening Rewrite completely animated by White Fox studio.
    • The first opening Philosophyz is not bad either. The music box version Philosophy of Yours is also a perfect piece for the tearjerking moments.
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    • Carnation, Shizuru's theme is an extremely relaxing piece of music. The vocal version Love Letter also acts as a heartwarming way to finish her route.
    • YO-SHI-NO is one of the most hilarious songs ever. There's really no other way to describe it.
  • Bizarro Episode: In Harvest Festa, the story Strange Fantasia continues from the joke Oppai Ending.
  • Broken Base: Tons. Over which writer did the best job, over which writer did the worst, over what route is best/worst, whether the game is the best Key Visual has ever put out or whether it falls flat, etc.
  • Funny Moments: When the YO-SHI-NO video plays, it can almost be guaranteed that you'll be in stitches.
  • Heartwarming Moments: The whole of Kotarou's date with Lucia right up to the scene where they overlook the city.
    • Also at the very end of Lucia's route where Kotarou calms her down by telling her he loves her for who she is.
    • Near the end of Terra, Kotarou's parents and Tsukuno (previously Nagai) are the ones who pushed him out of the stone city in order to save him and Akane. His parents doing so make it on the verge of Tear Jerker, since even after all this time after he ran away and became distant from them, they still wanted to save him and allow him to live.
  • Ho Yay: A lot of Yoshino's dialogue. Lampshaded in the narration.
    • They have a love-hate relationship and Yoshino can be tsundere about Kotarou at times. Most importantly, Yoshino has a big crush on Kotori, who is stated by the game to have a similar personality to Kotarou (most noticeably, they both like to goof around a lot). This suggests that if they had been opposite gender, Yoshino may have very well fallen for Kotarou.
  • It Was His Sled: The game's infamous Genre Shift from Slice of Life to Urban Fantasy is actually kind of supposed to be a secret. But anyone who has even heard of the game at this point knows about it.
  • Moment of Awesome: The part where Kotarou defeats Sakurya's giant form at the climax of Chihaya's route. Also, in general, any point at which Philosophyz is playing.
    • The climax of Moon where the Occult Research Society (and Yoshino) start their final battle to defend Kagari against the forces of Sakura Kashima
  • Tearjerker: The part in Terra where Kotarou is forced to kill Kagari to prevent salvation.
  • The Woobie: Pretty much everyone in the story qualifies as one of these considering the backstory one needs to be a superhuman/summoner and the whole eternal war thing but the ones that stick out are Kotori who's been guarding the key in the vain hope of resurrecting her parents for about 10 years, Lucia who has been a human test subject for most of her life and Terra route Kotarou who ends up determined to save the world and ends up being forced to betray everyone he knows in the process.


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