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  • Annoying Video Game Helper:
    • In the Wing of Madoola episode, Arino forgets to continue multiple times even after writing a note to remind himself to do so, to the point that the staff resorts to telling him how to continue every time he dies.
    • Sometimes in tense scenes, the ADs will start shouting something. Arino often calls this out or discusses this with another AD.
  • Archive Binge: To be expected of a Long Runner. At the time of writing, there's 17 seasons and 150+ episodes roughly an hour each, save for the first season. Have fun. To be fair, the premise of the show has changed little through the years, but following the Assistant Directors that are in or off the team is rather impossible for a newcomer without the aid of an episode guide.
  • Awesome Music:
  • Best Level Ever: While playing Battletoads, Arino finds Turbo Tunnel very enjoyable, to the point that having to play it again is the bright side of running out of continues and even bemoans having to warp past it and similar race levels when time is running short. He goes so far as to (somewhat facetiously) declare it the top game of 2011, despite being released nearly 20 years earlier. It helps that its Japanese release is a lot less frustrating than the US and European versions of the game.
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  • Demonic Spiders: Arino considers Areemer of the Ghosts 'n Goblins games this.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Cameraman Abe, mostly because he's by far the most imposing crewmember. He used to be a Japanese Delinquent when he was younger, is a motorcycle hobbyist and knows a lot about them, is a good artist and a great chef to boot.
  • Fridge Brilliance: The English title may seem non-indicative, since even the show points out how he's not very good at Nintendo Hard retro games. However, given that he actually beats them in only a day or two without any prior exposure, never quitting on parts where lesser gamers would break down into tears, he has got to be a step above average, and maybe even a master in his own way.
  • Ho Yay: Some of the clips from 24 hour live Lemmings challenge were chockfull of this. To name: Abe in apron cooking for Arino, Nakayama and Inoko MAX wrestling, and Tanii and Toujima in a bath together, scratching each other's backs.
  • Macekre: YMMV on this one. A large group of fans do not look kindly on Kotaku's incarnation of the show with its awkward narrator and bizarre choices in term translation. The translation staff seems not very familiar with the show or the games that are played on it. Kotaku's Solomon's Key episode in particular has moments of "Blind Idiot" Translation. The King's and Queen's lines are left untranslated, as with all other onscreen text.
    • And completely misinterpreting the ending of Mystery of Atlantis.
    • A very jarring example: the English narrator calls cameraman Abe like Abe Lincoln, not "Ah-Beh" as it's supposed to be pronounced
  • Memetic Mutation: A screencap from an episode where Arino looks depressed and the subtitle says "His smile and optimism, gone".
  • No Problem with Licensed Games: The first two Retro Game Challenge games are praised for both staying within the spirit of the show and for being genuinely good.
  • Un-person: AD Yamada. After an argument with Producer Kan, the show has been consistent with totally negating his time as AD, calling Toujima the first AD.
  • The Woobie: Inoue (Inoko MAX). Oh god, he's bad at video games, so awkward, and everyone's so mean and he's so short and... oh, the poor thing. What's that? His mom just texted him in the middle of assisting Arino? Oh lord...
    • On the plus side, he got a short segment in one season: Shocking Videos MAX. He also competes in Barcode Battles. Arino decides to take his side at one point. Inoue wins, thankfully.
    • Nakayama is even more awkward and shy. He bows and says sorry so much, they insert a specific sound effect each time he bows.
      • It should be noted, however, that these two, along with Toujima, are the most recurring of the Assistant Directors.

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