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  • Author's Saving Throw: The whole event was promoted as one, as pretty much everyone wanted the X-Men and the Inhumans to be done with the Terrigen plot and go back to a recognizable status quo.
  • Broken Base
    • ResurrXion has received some backlash from people who don't find the promised books very appealing. Some of this comes from lack of informationnote , but once information was officially released some began to complain about the ideas. Others though are obviously hyped for it, either because they're tired of the Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy of Jeff Lemire's X-Men run or they're looking to see the X-Men return to form.
      • There seems to be particular upset over the political angle of some of the upcoming X-Men books. The two main books (X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold) are lead by women, as is Generation X, which also focuses on mutants who have problematic powers (such as physical mutations) or social disorders, while the Iceman ongoing is putting focus on him now that he's coming out as gay. Some consider this pandering and forcing political messages onto people. However, just as many people point out that this is kind of the point of the X-Men and consider it ridiculous to criticize this when its the main reason the X-Men became so popular in the first place.
      • The announced cast of Generation X was subject to its own criticism, particularly that Jubilee was the only announced member of the original Gen X when the title was revealed, as well as the inclusion of Quentin Quire, and the continued absence of the fan-favorite New X-Men. However Ben Deeds was one of the handful of well-received members of Bendis' Uncanny X-Men, and others expressed intrigue on what could be done with Nature Girl, who until now has had limited development. The reveal that other members of the original Gen X would also be appearing in various capacities has also eased some of the initial complaints.
      • The Inhumans books, mostly for even existing. Some fans think that the Inhumans brand should just be completely dropped, believing that Marvel should have given up trying to push them after such backlash. Others however find this unfair, since the upcoming books are taking the Inhumans back to their roots and away from the X-Men-lite feel they've operated under, with both of the main books, Royals and Secret Warriors, promising very different concepts and providing a chance for the property to redeem itself.
      • Old Man Logan appearing in both Weapon X and X-Men Gold, as well as his continuing ongoing series, has been met with some criticism fearing a return of Logan's ubiquitousness to the franchise. It's especially prevalent among fans of X-23, who has been locked out of the post-IvX team books despite being the new Wolverine. Others point out her solo book's continuation was directly announced as part of RessurXion, whereas Old Man Logan was not, and that there are indications she was left out because events of the upcoming "Immune" arc would preclude her presence on one of the teams (which in turn was also a point of contention given Marvel's prior line-wide disinterest in establishing clear continuity between solo and team books).
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  • Fandom Rivalry: Although a rather one-sided one existed between fans of Old Man Logan and All-New Wolverine (mainly fans of the former criticizing the latter as a "kiddie book" in spite of its mature themes) from the launch of both series, ResurrXtion only intensified it when it was revealed that Logan would be featuring in three of the five team books, but Laura was shut out with only her solo series. Many fans of All New Wolverine who formerly had no opinion or even read both books have begun to resent what they view as Logan stealing Laura's place: As the acknowledged Wolverine of the post-Secret Wars Marvel Universe, many believe that she ought to have been part of the flagship series, and had the more significant role in events.

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