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  • Better Than Canon: Many fans, especially the half of the Broken Base that hated the direction Volume 3 took the series in, are proclaiming Resurgence as a worthy successor to Volume 3, and one Volume 4 would have a tough time living up to.
  • Broken Base: The story has many followers who praise its plot points but also many fans who belittle it for these. The simple fact that the majority of the story revolves around Pyrrha's return turns many readers away due to accusations of cheap writing and baiting Pyrrha's fans.
    • Sun's death. Some agree that he was the perfect Sacrificial Lion as the author attempts to portray him as. A majority, however, accuses the author of getting rid of him so that the love triangle between Sun, Blake and Yang could be resolved. It's also worth noting that the story was inspired particularly because the author couldn't accept Pyrrha's canon status as a Sacrificial Lion thus causing people to accuse him of hypocrisy.
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  • Harsher in Hindsight: As much as Mr. Schnee makes some serious mistakes in this story, such as keeping his wife (the current Winter Maiden) in cryogenic stasis instead of letting her pass on her powers, RWBY Volume 4 shows that he could have been much, much worse.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Volume 4 implies, if not outright states, that Ozpin is the current incarnation of the Wizard and that his soul moves onto someone else when the Wizard dies. Only difference is that instead of Qrow his soul, power, and knowledge goes to a young boy named Oscar, and that Ozpin seems to still be alive in some capacity.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Jaune and Ruby's relationship can be seen as this.
    • Did he use Ruby as a way to cope with Pyrrha's death in the epilogue? Despite the author's attempts to explain his reasoning for this relationship it's hard not to see Ruby as an emotional bandaid for Jaune after Pyrrha's death. Throughout the entirety of the story Ruby's crush on Jaune is mentioned only a handful of times and never properly explored nor is it a part of the plot until the epilogue. Furthermore, Jaune never mentions having any feelings for Ruby until the epilogue. It is painfully obvious that if Pyrrha had never died Jaune would have never been interested in her.
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    • Alternatively, the epilogue takes place one year after the story's events giving plenty of time for Jaune to move on and embrace new possibilities. Though he never acknowledges Ruby's affections it's only natural for a guy who's already devoted to another woman. It's not surprising that Jaune eventually begins to see Ruby as a potential girlfriend once Pyrrha is gone since his relationship with Ruby is just as precious and irreplaceable. Part of being in a relationship is learning when to quit, something that Jaune defied throughout the entirety of the story. Had Jaune never returned Ruby's affections, there would be nothing to tell the readers that he has found true closure.

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