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YMMV / Ren & Stimpy 2x07 "Son of Stimpy"

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  • Funny Moments: Two scenes in particular stand out right at the beginning.
    • The first is the birth of Stinky. Stimpy is watching tv, then there's an up close shot of Stimpy's butt as this percolating sound begins to gradually grows in intensity, accompanied by a dramatic musical score. Then, right as both noises reach their peak, the music cuts off and we are treated to what has to be one of the loudest, longest, most powerful butt bongos ever put in animation, sounding like a balloon releasing air multiplied tenfold. Then Stimpy turns around to see a big scorch mark burned into the carpet from the incident. Easily the most dramatic ripping of ass ever seen.
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    • The second is immediately after, when after a very odd conversation with Ren about what just happened, Stimpy tries again. Stimpy gets into position, fists clenched and butt sticking out, strains, and nothing happens. Stimpy takes a breath, then tries again. Again, nothing. Ren chimes in with an impatient "Well?" And Stimpy tries a third time. With gritted teeth Stimpy strains harder than ever before, grunting and wailing as nothing wants to come out. Stimpy's butt starts to flex and swell from the effort. Finally we are treated to a final close up as the big bubbly butt cheeks can't take any more and burst, deflating like a pair of ass-balloons, complete with sound effects and Stimpy's final, exhausted gasp.


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