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  • Contested Sequel: Broken Porcelain is considered to be quite inferior to Tormented Fathers, mainly due to it's buggy and unpolished state on release along with the jumbled storylines involving, Jen, Linn, and Rosemary, although most would agree that the visuals and soundtrack of the second game have improved from the first.
  • Cult Classic: Tormented Fathers has a small following due to its unique gameplay, atmosphere, and horror design. Its small success as a spiritual successor to the likes of Clock Tower and Haunting Ground had earned some modest awards, and an opening for a sequel.
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  • Ending Fatigue: The final cutscene where Rosemary and Gloria reconcile before Gloria dies from her wounds is notably long and bloated with exposition, which has lessened the emotional impact the ending tries to deliver to some players.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Andrea in Broken Porcelain is almost never anything but abrasive. However, not only is it hard to tell how much of that is because of the hypnosis, but even when she attempts to murder the young Gloria it's hard not to wish she could have succeeded since we know that Gloria really is that dangerous and will continue to ruin Celeste and Linn's lives. Not only is her death sudden and unceremonious, it immediately backfires on her killer, making it feel especially pointless.
  • Jerks Are Worse Than Villains: Stefano Ashmann doesn't personally appear in the first game and spends most of the second game being the victim of the main villain. Nevertheless, he is the Hate Sink of the series. Not only does he not have the Freudian Excuse of any of the actual villains, he himself is part of the main villain's excuse. He sexually abused both his rival and his own sister, and is all around a despicable person in a much more realistic way than a super durable stalker with the power to control moths.
  • Narm:
    • Rosemary's voice can be off putting for some due to how deep it is, almost sounding like somebody intentionally slowed down or deepened her voice in post. Justified somewhat due to Rosemary being a habitual smoker, which is known to deepen voices of smokers.
    • Richard Felton, the first enemy of the game, can come off as narmy as, while making for a tense foe, is still just a frail old man in nothing but a pair of boots and an apron rambling about where his pills are and wanting to sleep. That is, until you meet him as "Jennifer."
    • Many of the documents you find have been poorly translated into English, making them hard to understand or take seriously. For example: "Allegedly, Wyman also said to act on behalf of Richard Felton, whom have been assuming the prototype no.1 of Phenoxyl for years before its ban to cure his disease..."
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    • More than one player has pointed out Rosemary's odd choice to keep her heels on while she is trying to sneak about the manor, when it would be more practical for her to take them off.
    • In Broken Porcelain, Jennifer is very insistent on commentating nearly everything she sees or reads out loud, in a stealth-based horror game.
    • The large amount of cursing in Broken Porcelain tends to come off as being too 'edgy' and unnecessary to be taken seriously, with Jennifer and Stefano being the worst offender.
  • Narm Charm: The characters tend to gesticulate unnaturally much during dialogue. Depending on the viewer, this is either ridiculous or unsettling.
  • Realism-Induced Horror: While the villains wield powers like super durability, rapid healing, and mind control, those primarily create the framework for the gameplay. The true horror comes from things like Abusive Parents, abuses of authority, kidnappings, involuntary experimentation, sexual assault, forced sex reassignment, PTSD, and Alzheimer's.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • The sewer segment is notoriously difficult due to requiring the player to Press X to Not Die while trespassing slowly towards the exit, mainly due to the obnoxious amount of times a prompt appears while trying to find a way out in the dark. Thankfully, a recent patch toned down the chances of the prompt appearing, making the mini-game more managable.
    • The final section of the game gets some particular flack for the sudden Genre Shift, going from well done stealth-heavy game to a heavy trial and error gameplay focus, to the point where unless you figure out exactly what you need to do, you'll constantly die during this segment of the game due to the game suddenly disabling your ability to use self-defense items, and making contact with the moths an instant kill. Mitigated somewhat due to a patch that now allows the player to use their defense-item as intended, and making it possible to swat away moths without being killed instantly.
  • The Woobie: Pretty much every named or unnamed character but Stefano Ashmann has a tragic, miserable history thanks to Phenoxyl 2.0 and/or the machinations behind it.