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  • Complete Monster:
    • William Dudley Pelley is the "President" of the Free American State in a German-occupied Belarusian town of Maly Trostenets. Under Pelley's guidance, the Nazi collaborationist state recreates a twisted image of the pre-revolutionary America, where the ideals of National Socialism are upheld, the amended Constitution enforces racial oppression, and African-American prisoners of war are kept as slaves to emulate the "idyll" of the antebellum United States. The luxurious life of Pelley and other Nazi Americans in Maly Trostenets is maintained by oppression of the local population, subjecting the Soviet people to grueling forced labor and starvation rations. When the German defeat on the Eastern Front becomes apparent and food supply to the Free American State runs short, Pelley decides to cut rations for Soviet laborers even more in order to keep the parasitic existence of the Nazi American statelet undisturbed, leading to numerous deaths from hunger among the Slavic workforce. To withdraw himself from the horrific reality of the incoming Nazi collapse, Pelley indulges in rape, only to later shame the sex slaves for their "devilish temptations". When Pelley attempts to escape to American Havana after the German surrender, he is immediately brought back to the Soviet Union, as even the anti-Communist American state saw Pelley and his regime as a hideous disgrace to the American ideals.
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    • Virgil Effinger is the leader of the Schwarz Legion, the military wing of the Free American State. Serving as the "Secretary of War" of the Nazi American puppet government, Effinger is responsible for repressing the native population of Maly Trostenets, taking a sadistic pleasure in brutal and inhumane torture and killing of Soviet citizens and American prisoners of war. Effinger especially hates those "Aryan" prisoners of war who refuse to join the Nazi side, throwing them into a basement and letting dogs maul them. Effinger personally tortures and murders slaves who collapse of starvation and executes one Belarusian for each who drops dead from labor. As the tide of war turns against the Germans, Effinger becomes even more psychotic, causing him randomly murdering Slavic servants and even turning his gun against the Red American renegades, blaming their "lingering Redness" for defeat. Effinger is assassinated shortly before the Soviet liberation of Maly Trostenets under mysterious circumstances. Whenever he was killed by his Belarusian maid, the SS members who started to consider him "deranged and violent wastrel" or Pelley's goons who saw him as an obstacle for their evacuation, it is clear that everyone recognized Effinger as a deeply depraved and sadistic individual.
  • Fandom Rivalry:
    • With New Deal Coalition Retained, which Reds! fans accuse of being an unrealistic right-wing wank that goes way over the top in demonizing things the author dislikes. NDCR fans in turn call the Redsverse wish fulfillment for its authors, a charge that the troika deny.
    • Another one exists with Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg, which shares a similar Second American Civil War plot in its American focus trees. While at first they were Friendly Fandoms, and there are still some who are fans of both, some Reds! fans have accused the newer members of the KR mod team of favoring certain nations and ideologies above others and misunderstanding socialism. Then an expy of the Green Guard was added in the Brazilian focus tree as an option for Imperial Brazil, which led to Aelita starting a twitter thread accusing the devs of plagiarism and whitewashing (since the KR Green Guard are much nicer than the original, genocidal Reds! version)
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  • Funny Moments: "Hoover, at any rate, knew how much trouble he and his party were in. His back door plea to controversial Democratic Party presidential nominee Huey Long to drop out of the race to avoid splitting the anti-communist vote was met with Long's explicit indifference to whether capitalism or socialism was the order of the day in the United States."
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Aelita created a stereotype of a right wing extremist member of the timeline's version of from Britain. Shortly afterwards though a poster with the exact same username joined the site with eerily similar opinions to his ATL counterpart.
  • Mary Suetopia: Played with. Given the subject matter (a successful democratic socialist society), it might be expected, but the authors have included a level of detail about even the most mundane aspects of life that living in the UASR in the 21st century seems different enough to be almost alien. It helps that the authors and the discussion board commentators seem to be highly educated in social sciences. Still, it is a common accusation within the universe (and even the board) that the UASR and its allies are merely putting up a Straw Utopia facade, and are actually at their heart dystopian.
  • Memetic Mutation: On the Discord server, jokes and fanart about Leon Trotsky being obsessed with American deli sandwiches are common, with some users suggesting that he would moonlight as a food critic during his exile in the UASR
  • Moral Event Horizon: Longworth and MacArthur blatantly subverting democracy and disregarding the US Constitution. It is also seen as this universe, since it triggered a socialist revolution and brought down the US government.