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  • All There Is to Know About "The Crying Game": Bernie Sanders of the American People's Commonwealth is not the democratic candidate he initially seems. This twist is by far the most famous thing about the mod, and is the first thing many people bring up about the mod.
  • Complete Monster: Theresa Brasier is the leader of the far-right Phoenix Front party in Britain. If the British Conservatives decide to work with the far-right, Brasier takes advantage of this political opening to launch a false-flag bombing of Parliament with the goal of discrediting the Conservatives as weak on national security; said bombing forces a snap election totally dominated by far-right parties. If victorious, Brasier abolishes the position of Prime Minister through the National Salvation Act and establishes the position of High Secretary. As High Secretary, Brasier launches a violent crackdown on leftists and Scottish secessionists opposing her rule; enforces Protestant fundamentalism; establishes concentration camps for non-Christians, Socialists, Jews and Muslims; and establishes a total surveillance state to spy on any political opponents using agencies such as "The Eye" and "The Finger". She also launches a war with Ireland over control of Northern Ireland and drags Britain into war with the Soviet bloc under the pretense that Normandy was once controlled by the British.
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  • Cult Classic: The mod is something that has attracted the likes the of people who can't get enough of it even if it is not the largest mod around for Hearts of Iron 4.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Bernie Sanders, after losing his family in a political purge, sought to destroy the leadership of the American People's Commonwealth and install himself as dictator to avenge their deaths. To this end, he supplied far-right terrorists with the means to destroy the World Trade Center, co-opting a pro-democracy movement in the APC and exploiting the divides between the Anarchist Old Guard and the Stalinist New Guard to be appointed as part of the Central Committee and subsequently running for the position of president of the APC. Once in power, Bernie declares himself dictator, purges the Democratic, Anarchist and Stalinist factions of the APC and launches wars to unify all of North America under his rule. Despite this authoritarianism, Bernie remains committed to socialist principles and improving the livelihood of Americans, creating measures to improve the lives of American workers and farmers, while guaranteeing religious freedom for his subjects.
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  • Narm Charm: Related to the above, the mod is oftentimes silly to the point of absurdity (The American Republic and Italy are prime contenders, simply because of how ridiculous their leader choices are) but it's that willingness to be silly and exaggerated that makes the mod memorable.

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