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  • Awesome Music:
    • Fever Ray (Karin Dreijer Andersson of The Knife) provides an excellent song for this film entitled "The Wolf".
    • While it's not in the movie, at about the same time she was filming it, Amanda Seyfried recorded a cover of Sam the Sham and the Pharaoh's 1960's classic 'Hey there, little Red Riding Hood'. Her sweet, high voice and solemn delivery makes it creepy AF. Several people have commented that it sounds like a lullaby for perverts.
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  • Complete Monster: Cesaire is the werewolf who has been for years terrorizing the village his daughter Valerie lived in. While living as a seemingly normal member of the community, the wolf left the people alone due to animal sacrifices for the past twenty years, before deciding to find richer hunting grounds in the city. He planned to take his daughters with him, and turn them into werewolves too, but upon finding out that Lucie wasn't his, he kills Lucie in a fit of rage. He would later take his revenge on his wife's lover, Henry's father. He'd return as a wolf and kill off the knights sent to protect the village. Confronting Valerie as a wolf, he tries to get Valerie to leave with him, threatening to kill her friend Roxanne and massacre the village if she refuses. Later on, he goes on a rampage, during which he bites off Father Solomon's hand. The next day, he kills his mother and feeds an unwitting Valerie her remains as soup, before trying to bite her against her will, and attempting to kill her Love Interest Peter.
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  • Fan-Preferred Couple: A lot of people, including several reviewers, have noted that Amanda Seyfried had a lot more chemistry with Max Irons (Henry) than Shiloh Fernandez (Peter).
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Gary Oldman played Sirius Black who can morph into a big black dog. In this movie he fights a giant black wolf that is also a person that can morph. Not to mention that Sirius is close friends with a werewolf.
  • Les Yay: Between Valerie and Prudence. That dance sequence especially.
  • Nausea Fuel: Those are her grandmother's remains Valerie is eating in the soup towards the end.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Kacey Rohl of Hannibal fame as Prudence.
  • Romantic Plot Tumor: One of the frequently-cited problems with the story is that the basic premise of a supernatural whodunit in which Red Riding Hood must uncover a werewolf serial killer's identity and Everyone Is a Suspect is actually interesting, but the film dedicates too much time to the dull and cliched love triangle involving Valerie, Peter and Henry, which mostly exists in an attempt to appeal to Twilight fans.
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  • Squick: Valerie's father is the Big Bad Wolf. He wants her. Now let that sink in.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • Lucie's death in the beginning. Especially when Valerie breaks down crying over her.
    • Adrien's death at the hand of The Wolf while Henry hides behind a rock scared.
    • Suzette's attacked by The Wolf and left with scars on her face.
    • Claude's death all for being mistaken for The Wolf due to his love of tarot and his mental disability.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • Twilight haters aside, there were some people who say they wouldn't have minded a straight Hollywood version of the fairytale rather than the supposed Twilight knockoff.
    • It's revealed that Henry's father had an affair with Henry's future mother-in-law and fathered Lucie, whom he never knew was his half-sister; both Adrian and Lucie are later killed before he ever found this out. It could've been intriguing to explore how Henry feels about the whole thing and how it impacts his relationship with Valerie. However, Henry never seems to become aware of any of this and so it is never addressed.
  • Unfortunate Implications: When Valerie is reunited with Wolf!Peter at the end. The last shot of the movie gave some hints of bestiality.
  • The Woobie:
    • Claude. He's a sweet and shy kid who's frowned upon society. The only people that actually like him are Valerie and Roxanne. He gets killed for having a mental disability and an attraction to tarot cards.
    • Roxanne. After her brother is arrested she offers to pay Father Solomon and starts to strip for him only for him to laugh at this. She's forced to out Valerie for understanding the wolf and it turns out her brother died anyway.


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