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YMMV / Red Nemesis

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  • Complete Monster: Besides the return if La Velada, Adam Elmhirst, in his first appearance, is a seemingly friendly SIS agent. In truth a longstanding traitor for the Soviet Union, Elmhirst is the man who murdered James Bond's parents for stumbling on his plot. Capturing Bond, Elmhirst replays Bond's parents' pleading final moments in order to psychologically mess with Bond's mind, and promises to cripple his current Love Interest if he doesn't get him the information that he needs. Having dug tunnels with explosives, Elmhirst will detonate them and flood London from the Thames, killing countless innocents so he can have the king murdered and surrender the nation to the USSR.
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  • Harsher in Hindsight: If one reads this book before Dr. No. The scene where Bond has to give away his failed Beretta and chamois holster to M for replacing in the latter text is much sadder, as he is losing the last keepsake of his father. Because of this, you can feel Bond's utter anger towards M for doing this.

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