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  • Base-Breaking Character: The inclusion of Joker's Daughter has fans divided on whether or not Lobdell can made anything good come out of her character. It doesn't help that both Jason and Roy are also Base Breakers in their own right, given that they're nothing like their pre-New52 counterparts.
    • Some fans thought that Lobdell did a decent job with the character, giving her a redemption arc. Until it was revealed to be a trick, and a case of Shoot the Shaggy Dog.
  • Contested Sequel: While reception towards Red Hood and the Outlaws was very mixed from Jason's fans (wider DC readers loathed it), Red Hood/Arsenal is even more divisive. Some enjoy it for being simple and mindless while others hate it for that same reason.
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  • Ho Yay: Unsurprisingly carried over from the first run of Red Hood and the Outlaws, except this series takes it Up to Eleven. It starts with the title being a slash-pairing name, with several gags dedicated to depicting Jason and Roy Like an Old Married Couple. The final issue is even headlined with "The Bromance Ends Here!", with the final present day page dedicated to the actual break-up, which can be read with very romantic undertones considering the way it's drawn.
  • Narm:
    • The meeting between Jason and an amnesiac Bruce comes off as more campy and forced than it's supposed to be, partly thanks to Jason's heavyhanded narration clogging up the pages. It also doesn't help that this scene is coming off the heels of a similar meeting in the more critically well-received Grayson.
    • Same goes for the awkwardly shoehorned fistbump between Jason and Tim. It comes across like a moment designed to be reblogged (without context) on sites like Tumblr, rather than a genuine attempt from the writer to portray Tim and Jason as having a brother-like relationship.
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    • The meeting between Jason and Joker's Daughter comes across as a Meet Cute from a romantic comedy, with many readers mockingly launching a Jason and Joker's Daughter ship. Not helping is Jason's internal monologue, that reiterates over and over again that the two are like Birds of a Feather.
  • Unexpected Character: NO ONE saw coming Joker's Daughter joining the boys
  • What the Hell, Costuming Department?: Jason's new costume at the start of the series, specifically the sleeveless hoodie that that replaced his leather jacket. The costume was retired after Denis Medri (former artist of the series and designer of the costume) left DC, although it was still used in variant covers. However it should be noted that this costume did have its fans, specifically people who thought it made him look more attractive, and it's not entirely difficult to find a decent amount of fan art of it.

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