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YMMV / Red Harvest

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  • Funny Moments: This exchange between Dinah and the Op while they're stuck hiding out from gunmen in a forest.
    Then she said:
    "I'm catching cold. By the time anybody comes, if they ever do, I'll be sneezing and coughing loud enough to be heard in the city."
    "Just once," I said. "Then you'll be all strangled."
    "There's a mouse or something crawling under the blanket."
    "Probably only a snake."
    "Are you married?"
    "Don't start that."
    "Then you are?"
    "I bet your wife's glad of it."
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  • Magnificent Bastard: The Continental Operative arrives in 'Poisonville' and sets about to rid it of the cruel gangs who control it. A ruthless, brilliant operator, the Op extracts incriminating information of the gangs and spreads them to their enemies to play all sides against one another, even revealing one bank robbery was staged by one mob group and the police to spark a gang war and bring the corrupt police into it. Playing the gangs into whittling one another down until he's finished them all, the Op blackmails one of the town's chief members who first hired him and invited the gangs there into calling the governor to send in the national guard, declare martial law and clean up the town to give the man his town back, while removing his control of it at the same time.

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