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YMMV / Record of Grancrest War

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  • Awesome Music: Both opening songs are absolutely terrific and have gotten serious acclaim.
  • Base-Breaking Character: Milza Kuches is this to some people. On one hand, he is a total scumbag as he places a condition for his assistance in conquering the world to Marrine for sex, which she is clearly not into but goes along with to secure his aid. His ruthless, dictatorial actions after and Self-Made Orphan status didn't help much However, a lot of people won't deny that he has some of the best fight scenes in the anime itself.
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  • Catharsis Factor: Many people enjoy Milza getting his comeuppance by getting stabbed by Theo after the revolting things that he has done.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: The duke of Altirk, Villar Constance, despite being a secondary character, has a serious fan following due to his genuine, kind nature and his unbelievably heroic and moving death in episode 11 when he chooses to fight to the last to defend Castle Unicorn, still holding to his ideals all the way to the final battle.
  • Idiot Plot: Marrine's strategy, rejecting her Love Interest and trying to conquer the continent single-handedly instead of marrying him and creating the Grancrest, is completely incoherent. The only reason that she does any of this is because if she were to behave remotely sanely, it would have literally cut nineteen episodes out of the plot. Never mind the fact that the who reason she does this is because of a conspiracy group that opposed her and Alexis marriage and had both their fathers killed because of it, except that there were many more casualties that happened because of her actions including her own cousin. On the other side, both Villar and Alexis know that Marrine is getting ready to steamroll them after Villar and Theo's initial campaign, yet neither of them is willing to raise their army to attack her and they allow her a truce to rebuild her army and continue the fight when ready.
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  • Internet Backdraft: Milza making his assistance to Marrine conditional on sex. A lot of people in the internet especially in MyAnimeList forums were quite unhappy with this and wished Marrine and Milza both slow and painful deaths.
  • Never Live It Down: A lot of people won't ever let go the scene in episode 9 when Marrine agrees to allow Milza to sleep with her to secure his help for conquest.
  • Signature Scene:
    • The scene in Episode 9 where Theo confessed his feelings towards Siluca and kissed her was one of the most memorable scenes in the entire episode as many fans praised Theo for being a rare case of a main protagonist that confessed his feelings towards the female lead and secured a Relationship Upgrade relatively quickly as compared to most other anime (where you might get a Maybe Ever After in the final episode, if that)
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    • On a particularly more infamous note, the very same episode also gives us Milza and Marrine's passionless, business-like and incredibly uncomfortable sex scene, which is remembered in a remarkably negative light.
    • On a lesser scale, there is a scene in episode 2 where Aishela makes out with an enemy soldier, apparently impressed with his efforts... and then she tries to strangle him, with their lips still locked.

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