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YMMV / Realm Grinder

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  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Players not interested in experimenting with game mechanics tend to not stray from a few tried and tested builds. Not necessarily a disservice, as the number of choices and time needed to test and compare different builds may very well overwhelm any player.
  • Game-Breaker: The old version of Goblin's Greed used to give 2 buildings for free per cast. As Goblins, who lacked mana generation, this didn't look too powerful, but the Mercenaries's ability to choose upgrades from any faction plus Druid Bloodline forced the spell to be reworked completely.
    • The Vampire Lord monster upgrade during the Halloween Event. It grants ALL Bloodlines of your alignment at once, including Dragon's on Neutral in addition to the Bloodline you can normally choose.
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  • Scrappy Mechanic: X time spent to unlock something.


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