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YMMV / Rattlesnake

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  • Alas, Poor Villain: Billy. While he doesn't have any redemptive qualities he's just so pathetic when he dies, whimpering and begging Katrina not to kill him, that even she feels sorry for him and tries to comfort him while she murders him.
  • Designated Villain: Billy again. While Billy is a bastard, he's not the movie's villain (the titular Rattlesnake demon). He's only involved at all, having no actual ties to Katrina and not even ever having seen her before the day she decided to kill him, because someone has to die to save her daughter's life and he was suitably unredeeming. The movie ends on the note that the "antagonist" was defeated, but he never actually bothered the heroine and the being that forced Katrina to kill him goes completely unpunished.

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