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  • Acceptable Targets:
    • Pretty much anyone who encourages fundamentalism and pseudoscience. Conservapedia and its management are the biggest targets on the site.
    • The "What is going on in..." pages had no love for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election.
    • Similarly, any time Israel so much as coughs, as also noted in the "What is going on in..." entries.
    • Conservatives and other right-wingers.
  • Anvilicious:
    • Religion gets hit with this hard. It is rare not to find any article not mocking faith, usually Christianity. Islam got the same treatment but much less of it nowadays due to current social justice movements which combat against "Islamophobia". This can be quite ironic because both religions are offshoots of Judaism that agree on many of the same things.
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    • Incredibly blatant on any page about atheism which they have plenty of and one of the articles they regard as the most important is an FAQ for newly deconverted atheists.
    • Articles on the subject of feminism tend to be strongly in support of the movement, and very visibly so. Similarly, the wiki is staunchly anti-MRA. Please refrain from discussing whether or not they are correct in doing so.
    • The wiki is also strongly pro-vegetarianism, to the extent of including a very hefty essay explicitly oriented to defend its moral bases. Interestingly, veganism, on the other hand, is much less represented on the page.
  • Broken Base:
    • Between the New Atheism and Atheism Plus movements. Atheism Plus was originally under the New Atheist movement but the former split off from the latter after getting fed up with their continuous sexism and racism. Both groups can be found on Rational Wiki engaging in edit wars all over the place.
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    • Some users have accused contributors of whitewashing articles about Islam. Many articles about Islamic dictators and terrorists lack the usual snark that site is well-known for, and some articles even push for a positive interpretation of their actions. Christianity is always being poked fun of but there is noticeably much less criticism aimed towards Islam, despite it being the second largest religion in the world. It becomes even more apparent when compared to much smaller religions such as Mormonism which is always being ripped apart by the user base. Some argue that this is to stop misconceptions of Islam and prevent anti-Muslim bigotry; but others think this is dishonest and extremely biased - with Islam getting "special treatment" over other faith systems.
    • Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton both have fans on the site and said fans often don't see eye to eye.
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    • The website growing more "politically correct". Granted, Rational Wiki has always been left-leaning to mock Conservapedia but it has come to the point where people have accused the political agendas having obscured the main purpose of the website. Some contributors believe it is because of the growing number of tumblr users coming over; with skepticism being thrown away in favor of whatever tumblr users approve of instead. And then you have the people who feel that favoring any ideology over another contradicts the idea of being rational, turning the wiki into a total contradiction.
      • As a left-wing site, it has also come under scrutiny for not being left-wing enough. More radical ideologies that were embraced by the site in its early days have been cast aside to appease new contributors in favor of moderate social liberalism.
    • The constant mocking of indigenous religions as primitive and ridiculous but strong anti-racism slant on the site has led to a lot of irony and confusion.
    • Their (mostly negative) portrayal of various Youtubers (specially Anti-SJW and skeptic channels) have led to edit wars and debate on the fairness of the articles. note 
    • Their refusal to have a Rule of Cautious Editing Judgment policy. A prime example of Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right! or damning evidence that they've become a left-wing Strawman Political with the echo chamber mentality they say they hate?
  • Critical Research Failure:
    • They think that lesbians dislike the term "queer" because they hate bisexual people and this is just a recent "radical feminist" development on the Internet when in reality their main objection to the label is that it is a slur and this debate about the inappropriateness has actually been going on since the 1970s in gay communities.
    • Calling various Christian holidays "pagan festivities" or "pagan celebrations dressed up in Christianity" which has been proven wrong countless times by historians. They were Christian traditions in origin; they only adopted pagan rituals to make the religion more acceptable to pre-Christian peoples.
    • Their page on the Marxist concept of "false consciousness" defines it as basically anything that disagrees with communist doctrine. Not only is that the wrong definition (although, in Rational Wiki's defense, it has been used that way by later dogmatized communist groups), but the term's actual definition, 'an ideology that masks financial and economic relationships', is the very raison d'etre of Rational Wiki itself. A website dedicated to debunking and exposing false consciousness contains a page criticizing the concept of false consciousness as a false ideology. Try and wrap your head around that one.
  • Growing the Beard: The site started out as just a mocking opposite of Conservapedia, made to be as deliberately obnoxious and overly left-wing as possible. However once it moved on from its obsession with Conservapedia and gained a more well-researched, Deadpan Snarker tone, the site became much more enjoyable and helpful.


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