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  • Bizarro Episode:
    • One issue of the comic, "La Mummia" (The Mummy), had nothing to do with Rat-Man. It was a parody of the Mummy series of films starring ancestors of Aldo and Giuda, characters from Ortolani's comic series "Venerdì 12".
    • The last episode of the animated series, Saving and Imagination. Basically, the budget for the series is reduced to 199 dollars, so Rat-Man has to cut short on stuff (Wraparound Background during driving scenes, recycling backgrounds from old episodes, reducing the bad guy's powers, Stock Footage abuse, crude backgrounds, than removing colors and backgrounds and replacing the soundtrack with cheap midis...). The episode ends with a Synchrovox animated Rat-Man whistling the theme song over the credits.
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  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Guess who is sometimes called The Great Ratzinga in Italy.
  • Shocking Moments:
    • Aptly, very high towards the end of "The Last Secret": The Buffoon is in fact Noctule?! Wolf is Spectre's father?! SPECTRE IS KIMMY?!
    • Then topped during the "I Vendicatopi" story arc (initially a Shallow Parody of The Avengers), when Rat-Man discovers that his hero Mr. Mouse created not just the superheroes but also the supervillains, and all in the name of profit.
    • What do you mean Rat-Man is Walker's biological son? What do you mean he'll be the next incarnation of the Shadow?!
    • The terrible, terrible truth about Thea: Rat-Man didn't fall in love with her, but with Aima, Denam's real daughter. Denam and Kalissa, plus Topin, wiped their memories and set up things so Thea would die in Rat-Man's arms to create a weapon against the Shadow... But the love story and the memory wipe brought out Ik, the incarnation of Rat-Man's love for Aima who broke out of his cryo cell and rampaged through the city searching for Aima until Rat-Man himself got him to return to his cryo cell, and the brief time Rat-Man and Aima had together was enough for him to father a daughter named Thea.
  • Shallow Parody: Rat-Man began as a Batman parody, but the more the stories went on, the more Ortolani removed elements of it, such as Rat-Man being a millionaire, his Rat-Mobile, his sidekick Tòpin, and so on. Justified since Ortolani wanted his hero to be more like a metropolitan vigilante a la Spiderman.
    • Leo himself even admitted he never even saw Tim Burton's Batman in its entirety.
    • Venerdì 12 (Friday the 12th), another series by Leo published on the Rat-Man magazine, has nothing to do with Jason Voorhees besides the title and the fact that the protagonist is a hideous man turned into a monster who lives alone and hides his face under a blank mask.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: It's what happens when your series takes the innuendos in Animaniacs... And runs with them. Obviously, this gets a Lampshade Hanging whenever a Family Unfriendly Character such as Cinzia Otherside shows up:
    Rat-Man: "Cinzia, there are kids out there."


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