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YMMV / Raptors

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  • Complete Monster: Don Miguel y Certa is the ruler of the new vampires. Bringing his allies from the shadows, y Certa proposed a new pact to dominate the world and evolve the vampire race. When a vampire nobleman named Don Molina objected, y Certa had him and his entire household annihilated, save his twin children who escaped. Centuries later, y Certa presides in New York where vampires dominate the world, reducing the human species and murder is regularly conducted to keep control. Y Certa is also a vicious predator himself, known as "The Devourer" for his predilection of feeding on children, who he hunts relentlessly. Y Certa has preyed on them so much that the numbers of children in New York have sharply dropped, and many refuse to go out alone for fear of being caught and brought to him. Even when the vampire kingdom is collapsing, y Certa attempts to hunt down and eat two children, with numerous bones of his past victims shown. Even in the dark world of Raptors, Miguel y Certa stands apart as the most depraved creature in any bloodline.
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  • Evil Is Sexy: The Molina twins, Drago and Camilla, are very seductive and have a tendency to wear revealing outfits and appear naked. They are also remorseless and cold predators that even the heroine Vicky Lenore falls to their charm.

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