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  • Acceptable Targets
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  • All Adult Animation Is South Park: Much like the similarly-named trope, for a long time, Bakshi's early films were the earliest proof that animated films could be made exclusively for adults rather than for children or families, with gritty, dark stories and blatant sexuality throughout. After the success of Fritz came a slew of quickly-forgotten copycat films which were essentially animated porn, such as Down and Dirty Duck and Tarzoon: Shame of the Jungle. Other adult animated films that have made names for themselves, such as Heavy Metal or Rock & Rule, have been mis-credited to Bakshi despite having nothing in common with his films other than their target audience.
  • All Animation Is Disney: He hates this trope, not because he dislikes Disney, but because he's frustrated by talented artists who believe that the only way to do animation is by Disney's standards of look and storytelling, which his films were meant as an aversion to. He famously criticized Don Bluth's films for enforcing this image, feeling that he should have been trying to do his own thing instead of carrying on the Disney tradition.
    "I wouldn't leave Disney to do Disney."
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  • Animation Age Ghetto: Most of his films and television shows were intended for adults rather than children (his first full-length feature, Fritz The Cat, was actually rated Xnote ), but due to the medium in which they were made in, they're almost invariably mistaken for children's movies by casual consumers.
  • Cult Classic: His entire filmography is about as underground as you can get. Even the kids shows he did (with the arguable exception of Mighty Mouse) aren't considered mainstream.
  • Hype Backlash: While generally considered to be an unsung hero in animated film and the grandfather of adult animation, there are film and animation buffs who consider his work to be too sloppy and unfocused, with a seeming disregard for Animation Lead Time and don't even attempt to hide their puny budgets.
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  • No Such Thing as Bad Publicity: Bakshi himself admitted that the only reason anyone saw his movies was the novelty of animation, often mistaken for a children's medium, being made explicitly for adults with sex and violence.
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny
    • His entire career was a defiance against the notion that animation could only be done Disney's way if it were ever to be successful, a notion that has since been defied by DreamWorks Animation to the point where even Disney was copying them. Ironically, though, while Bakshi has said that he has never disliked Disney, he absolutely hates Dreamworks (which is pretty funny, considering his grandson would go on to star in one of their later films, The Boss Baby).
      • Even funnier is that Boss Baby's director, Tom McGrath, is a friend of Ralph and was even employed to him during Cool World's production.
    • With little exception, much of the sexually explicit or violent material which made his films a near-impossible sell in the 1970s are arguably tame enough to air on any given episode of Family Guy these days.
  • Values Dissonance:
    • As mentioned above, a lot of his films are rather unsympathetic towards gay men.
    • Not to mention the usage of blackface imagery in many of his early works, particularly Fritz the Cat and Coonskin. Though much of it was intentional for the point of satire.
  • Vindicated by History: Most of his films weren't very well received due to their content and the Animation Age Ghetto being in effect but nowadays, they're viewed much more positively among animation fans (especially since his films are rather tame compared to today's adult animation).
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Most of his more mature work, although he did make a few films and shows that actually were directed at children.

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