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YMMV / Raishon

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  • Crazy Awesome - Eli, Suzy, and Akane.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple - Among the nearly eighty pairings, Yukeli, Disaya, Alfoko, and Souzy are the ones people support the most in the OOC, likely because they all have a decent amount of ship teasing in their posts.
  • Foe Yay - Harumi and Dimitri
  • Ho Yay- Dio and Alf are the Raishon kings of this trope. Dio wouldn't mind marrying Alf if Misaya wasn't around (or even having him as a mistress if Misaya was around), and it's possible Alf wouldn't mind doing the same thing, if his confidence was better. Dio has also said that Alf's "flustered side of [his] is fairly cute". However, the attacker/catcher comment from Dio is what really does it, and now that Alf knows what it means...
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  • Shipping Goggles - All it takes is five seconds of interaction for the shippers to see a possible romance.
  • The Woobie- Alistair can be this if you want.


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