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YMMV / Rage Of The Gladiator

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  • Anti-Climax Boss: Creatos, the True Final Boss looks rather impressive, but the only thing he has to back him up is highly damaging attacks. Other than that, he follows three static patterns, one for each of his phases, and when you get the trick for all of them (Which is hard, but not that hard) he's a joke. Considering he comes right after a very difficult and awesome battle, you surely expected something better, but instead you get a total disappointment.
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  • That One Boss: Master Yee for the second time is the best candidate, as he has a very quick attack that has instant execution and no warning, basically requiring you to have your shield up for the whole fight (something no other fight, not even the ones after him, requires you to do).
  • That One Attack: Every boss has at least one attack that will mess you up the first time you encounter it, especially in Challenge Mode. Master Yee's very quick staff attack, as mentioned above, will frustrate you to no end until you figure out to have your shield up for the whole fight (which had never been necessary until that point and won't ever be necessary again, except in Challenge Mode).

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