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YMMV / RWBY V6E3 "The Lost Fable"

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Was Salem really selfish and arrogant, or just a traumatized person trying to get back the only person who'd ever been kind to her? Were the brothers Jerkass Gods and hypocrites who only cared that their authority was being questioned, or operating under Blue and Orange Morality due to their status as higher beings? Are the Gods in agreement with sending Ozma back and judging humanity, or is it the Light God going behind his brother's back? Were Salem and Ozma's children killed in their fight, and if so, was it intentional on Salem's part?
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  • Spiritual Adaptation: Ever wanted an animated adaptation of The Silmarillion even if the Tolkien estate disallow any adaptation of the book? Look no further than this episode, as some fans drew some parallels between Salem and Sauron. Treating as a stand-alone, self-contained story, it's a good animated short how the fantasy world came to be.

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