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YMMV / RWBY: Second Generation

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  • Acceptable Targets: Abusive parents seem to be the point where slapstick is thrown out the window. Most of these throughout the series usually end up dead in rather gruesome ways. Just look at Tyler Brean and how he was Impaled with Extreme Prejudice through the head.
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: plenty.
    • Is Verse truly The Hero fighting to avenge his lost friends and family, or is he a very broken man suffering from PTSD who can't get over his tunnel vision and obsession with vengeance?
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    • Is Noir an amnesiac who can't remember most of his past, or is it all an act so that he doesn't have to face the reality of his actions?
    • Is Lyla really a sweet and energetic Genki Girl, or does she only put on a facade to run away from the pain she caused her brother?
    • Is Orion really a Boisterous Bruiser who has chosen to fight solely against the Grimm, or is he a scared little boy who can't grow up and act his age? Or maybe is he just afraid to face his father again?
    • Baki is either a Manipulative Bastard who was able to convince those under him to join his cause or a snake who will just kill anyone who mispleases him.
  • Bilingual Bonus: Licorice's surname is actually the Finnish word for "crazy", which says a lot about her character.
  • Crack Pairing: Strangely, some fans have begun shipping Verse with Licorice, despite minimal interaction between the two.
  • Funny Moments: A lot.
    • Verse and Cherie constantly ran into each other throughout the first volume, prompting many annoyed reactions and Facepalms.
    • Lyla crash-landing into Noir in Chapter 9, much to the dismay of the latter.
    • Licorice's introduction in chapter 17, where she rambles about imaginary wolf people.
    • Team VOLN racing to class in Chapter 18.
    • Verse and Lyla racing each other to find the village of Minue in chapter 29.
    • In chapter 34, Team VOLN just sits down with each other and tell ghost stories. Noir's is pretty epic.
    • The game of Grimm And Gargoyles in Chapter 66 that goes way out of proportion.
  • Growing the Beard: The writing style started incredibly on-the-nose in the first volume. However, by the end of the first, it began hinting at a darker and deeper storyline, which grew even more in volume two with antagonists and character death.
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  • Ho Yay: A little bit exists between Verse and Orion. The two were paired up in the Initiation Arc, and have been slowly growing together throughout the series.
  • It Was His Sled: After the end of the first Volume, word spread pretty quickly that Verse was actually a faunus
  • Moe: Many fans see Hibiscus as this, due to her status as a Cheerful Child and her attachment to Team CRNS. She truly is like a litlle kid sister, and she acts like an excitable little bunny.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The very existence of Jericho brings up some serious questions regarding the series. Due to being The God Of Darkness, many question whether people in Remnant actually have any free will whatsoever. It doesn't help that he's also the God of Destruction, which begs the question: exactly what would happen should he get what he wants?
  • Take That, Scrappy!: The death of Tyler Brean was considered by many to be completely deserved and appropriate, considering what he'd done to Orion and Diamond throughout the series.
  • Tear Jerker: Sky's ascension to The Beyond in chapter 75.
  • What an Idiot!: Verse in Volume 3, exhausts his aura trying to climb a tree when he could have easily used his Semblance to summon a ladder or something. This leaves him wide open to an attack from Licorice

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