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  • Complete Monster: Ruby Rose, sharing only the appearance, abilities and name of her canon counterpart, is a psychotic Serial Killer appropriately named "the Reaper", who wishes to surpass humanity, Grimm, and gods. Introduced when she kills her own parents, Ruby then battles her half-sister, Yang, and wins. Cutting out Yang's arms and eyes out of pure sadism, Ruby enslaves Yang, humiliates and abuses her on a daily basis, forces her to kill, and goes as far as to beat her down because she threw up without asking permission. Ruby also breaks into houses and slaughters the families inside, not even sparing children or babies. One of her worst acts was to break into a barn, kill an old lady, then "violate" a boy her age to the point he became a Death Seeker. During Vale's bombing, Ruby blocked the escape route so that she could kill the survivors who wanted to flee. When meeting Cinder's group, she barely remembered what she did to them during Vale's bombing, including taking Cinder's eye. Holding a grudge against Neo for having smacked her in the face, Ruby kills her by cutting her in half. Fueled by her love of destruction and death, Ruby is nothing more than a murderous egomaniac.

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