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  • Angst? What Angst?: Whenever Slasher brings up his childhood, he does it so casually. Averted in his book, though.
  • Jerkass Woobie: SlasherVictim666 may be an egotistical Serial Killer, but he's the product of a very broken home, and is obviously not all there.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Oh dear god.
    • Crossing over with Paranoia Fuel, the true identity of Slasher's actor is unknown. Luckily, the credits of both movies confirm that the movies aren't real, his actor's dedication to his anonymity and role in general are unsettling, to say the least.
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    • The grueling last 20 minutes of both movies are made to look like genuine snuff footage, with the McKuttle family members and friends strapping their victims down to chairs and torturing and eventually killing them for the remainder of the movie's runtime while they're all clearly having way too much fun with it, just like it's a perfectly normal activity. And knowing what Slasher had to say about his family, it probably is.
    • The ending of the second movie has Slasher take a movie slate embedded with razor blades to his penis, chopping it off and bleeding all over Assistant Jane before he murders her.
    • Just the environment that Slasher was raised in. His father, Doug, wasn't just abusive, the man was a monster who raised his children to become just as monstrous as him. And indeed, he succeeded. Both in Slasher's endeavors to become "the greatest director ever", and James' incestuous affair with his own mother that resulted in James murdering his sister and taking her face to give to her, ultimately driving Doug to kill him. That isn't even the worst of it. It runs in the entire McKuttle family, who live all across Canada.
  • Tear Jerker:
    slashervictim666: WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY FAMILY?
    • In Who Wants to be Reely Famous episode 3, we get to see Slasher's friendship with Gregs, a friend of his family's who has helped them with their films. Gregs' alcoholism and partying is Played for Laughs at first, but then, Slasher goes on to express how concerned he is when Gregs didn't show up for Reel 2 and hasn't been seen or heard from since.
    • There's something rather sad about watching Todd Smith change from a rather likable YouTube personality to a jerkass Smug Snake constantly smearing his family's name for attention, taking out his frustration with his lack of success on his subscribers, and even breaking and entering into his brother's wife's house to find proof of an affair that doesn't exist anywhere outside his own head.
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  • Wangst: Probably done intentionally. When Slasher finds out that the first movie wasn't a hit, he breaks down sobbing.

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