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  • Breather Level: Normally, Overnight is the Harder Than Hard difficulty. However, "3rd Avenue" Overnight is easier than the Core chart, as it not only has a lower note density (3.15 notes per second, compared to Core's 4.11 and even Handzup's 3.30), but its gimmick of following snaking trails of quadrupled-up notes during the refrain is easier to manage than the Core chart's chords.
  • Difficulty Spike: There is a distinct chasm between Core charts and Overnight charts, due to Overnight having two unique gimmicks: A 6×4 grid instead of the 5×3 grid used on lower difficulties, and the extensive use of chords requiring three or more simultaneous presses. Even a player who can tackle the hardest Core charts will get bamboozled trying Overnight for the first time.

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