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  • Complete Monster: Salvador "Sal" Crow, aka "The Lizard-Faced Man", is an agent for The Compound, a government research facility. Upon learning of the existence of countless parallel universes, Sal became convinced that they were abominations, and their inhabitants sub-human. Seeking Nikola Tesla's journals in order to complete the production of a missile defense grid that would have the unintended effect of draining the alternate universes of their lifeblood and eventually lead to their destruction, he targeted the scientist-turned-interdimensional art thief RASL. Sal murdered RASL's lover and threatened to travel from universe-to-universe, killing everyone he cared about again and again. When the Compound ran a test of the array, it resulted in the brutal deaths of everything in a four-mile radius, something that Sal kept secret to avoid halting the testing. When his boss attempted to have him arrested, he killed her along with her security. Finally, he opened fire in a bar in an attempt to kill RASL, killed a sheriff to take his car, and repeatedly shot the Creepy Child that had been following RASL throughout the story.