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YMMV / Pumpkin Scissors

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  • Awesome Music: The opening, "Aoki Flamme," in both the tv version, and full length.
  • Iron Woobie: Randel Oland. Not only is he remarkably reserved about all of his trauma, he's a Made of Iron Woobie as well.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Marquis Hoost and Lionel Taylor, Alice's fiance, both show signs.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Take your pick between emotionless soldiers who can stop tanks with a gun alone, or soldiers with flamethrowers who burn along with their victims.
    • Randel's dream/nightmares — though more so in the manga.
    • Another one for Randel when he cuts up soldiers manning an armored train with his giant scissors like he's pruning plants. *SNIP*
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    • Or receives short end from biological weapon shot from tank?
  • Squick: For a show about war, Pumpkin Scissors has very few graphic deaths until episode 14 where they show a cornered man getting hit with a flame thrower with disturbing attention to detail. Then there's the armored train arc where Randel cuts up soldiers manning said vehicle with giant scissors. We never see the actual moment of the cutting, but that just makes it more disturbing...
    • The armored train battle does show us what that would look like, save for one, which Randel presumably cut into pieces.
    • The Anti-ares arc shows what happens when the inside of a tank gets heated up to the extreme with a flamethrower.

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