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YMMV / Pump Up the Volume

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  • Awesome Music:
    • The movie has a legitimately awesome soundtrack, featuring the Cowboy Junkies covering Robert Johnson, Concrete Blonde covering Leonard Cohen, the Beastie Boys, Sonic Youth, Soundgarden, Was (Not Was), and The Pixies contributing a different arrangement of their "Wave of Mutilation". The Beastie Boys track that Mark plays in the film is a legitimately obscure bootleg called "The Scenario" that actually was left off their first album due to Executive Meddling.
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    • In the film but not included on the soundtrack are the Leonard Cohen original of the song covered by Concrete Blonde and a song by Stan Ridgway that is only available on live bootlegs.
  • Fair for Its Day: While Harry doesn't clearly come out and say homophobia is bad when he talks to the gay teen who had been abused by other students when they found out he was gay, the fact he takes it seriously and talks to the other teen seriously about it (especially considering he takes almost nothing else seriously), makes this movie much different than almost all the teen movies that came out in the 1980's.
  • Fridge Logic: So, uh, where the hell did they get the giant penis in the middle of the night?
    • Considering that it shows that Mark has been broadcasting as Harry for a short time before the start of the film, it's safe to say someone may have made it over the course of a few days and decided to bring it up to the high school (where everyone hangs out to listen to the broadcast) on that particular night.
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • "I'm suspending you." "You can't do that." "Oh, I think I just did."
    • In the same exchange, when Deaver, who's been on the side of the administration up to this point, says "They're just kids," showing he does care about his students. Though he may be just covering himself.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Samantha Mathis' first movie. She dyed her usually-blonde hair black for the role.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: This is sort of an informal bookend with Heathers, in regard to Christian Slater's films and the subject of teenage suicide - a subject that has sadly only gained in importance over the years.
    We're all worried, we're all in pain. That just comes with having eyes and having ears. But just remember one thing - it can't get any worse, it can only get better. High school is the bottom, being a teenager sucks, but that's the point, surviving it is the whole point. Quitting is not going to make you stronger, living will. So just hang on and hang in there.


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