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  • Complete Monster: Ghul, the Half-God, pretended to be the half-demon son of the previous villain in order to establish a base of power he called Goth Gulgamel in the great spire. Taking the name the Skull King, Ghul conducted horrible experiments to create and breed an army, while sacrificing children to desecrate his temples, imprisoning the souls of unborn babies as well to experiment on and trap eternally. Unleashing his armies, the Shrieking Hordes, in the Ghulwar to raze entire lands and murder countless innocents, Ghul held a special hatred for elves, many of whom were tortured to death in his dungeons. Some were twisted and turned into darker beings known as Harrow Elves, whom Ghul spared solely for the dark joy of seeing the devastation their new lives gave them. Upon being pushed back, Ghul later unleashed a brutal winter to freeze and starve many innocents to death, being remembered, for good reason, as one of the worst villains in the history of the world.

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