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  • Acceptable Targets:
  • Crosses the Line Twice: In Fallout 1, Psych's plasma rifle misfiring and frying Dogmeat instead of his intended target.
    • Psych playing with the electric chair in the EPA during Fallout 2 Restoration Project.
    • Psych trying and failing repeatedly to kill his girlfriend in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to obtain a plot progressing key.
    • The "I'm full of cum!" incident detailed under Memetic Mutation.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: UZworm is quite popular with Psych's audience thanks to his habit of flying into an over the top rage whenever Psych screws up. Which is often.
  • Epic Fail: Has its own page.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Joke Donationsnote 
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    • Badabba dabba doo!note 
    • FLAWLESSLY!note 
    • His Town of Salem videos are full of these:
      • Hi I'm Mr Stinkbugnote 
      • /w13 i'm witch, let's coopnote 
      • Crusadersnote 
      • Hang the Crusader skin/namenote 
      • THERE'S NO MEDIUM!note 
      • UZworm hates Spy/Town Investnote 
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    • Into this X...note 
    • You see that X? I'm gonna fuck it!/trentreznor.mp3 note 
    • I'm full of cum! note 
    • Quote 91. note 
  • Most Wonderful Sound: Psych's laughter is highly infectious.
    • His Twitch alerts.
    • UZworm raging at him.

  • Never Live It Down: If there is a monumentally stupid thing that Psych has done or said, the audience will be sure to remind him of it at every opportunity.
    • His Town of Salem videos show several players reminding him of these moments either via their names or written in their wills or death notes.
    • Also from Town of Salem, Dustminion's time as Mayor in one video ended with him being hanged by two remaining evils(one witch, one werewolf) because of his hesitation on whom to vote up.
    • Another from Salem, Psych shooting the Jailor when he was a Vigilante.
    • Psych's complete inability to comprehend Backgammon.
    • Nightbot's quote feature has a database compiling these.
    • The "I'm full of cum" incident mentioned above.
    • Psych blurting out who two of the remaining mafia members are via reading the dead chat out loud during a Town of Salem game.
    • His singing of the end of I Do Not Want This.
    • Psych thinking a pure beef hot dog was a full cow between two buns.
    • Psych mistaking Justin Tucker for Jimmy Carter during one of UZworm's Tecmo Bowl streams.
    • Psych confidently thinking nougat was a type of cheese.
  • The Scrappy: Occurs in a lot of games he plays:
    • Ulysses in Fallout New Vegas's Lonesome Road DLC for his long, droning, monotone speeches and bizarre and pointless pseudo-philosophizing.
    • Bob Dylan(Not that Bob Dylan), his character in his Fallout 2 Restoration Project stream, for having terrible accuracy with guns.
    • Duke Nukem, especially his characterization in Duke Nukem Forever and the 20th Anniversary Episode.
    • Alia, especially in Mega Man X5 and X7, due to her constant interruptions in the former and never shutting up in the latter.
    • Flame Hyenard in Mega Man X7, for being a Broken Record.
    • Fallout 4 is a world of Scrappys, to the point where Psych can count the number of characters he unironically likes on one hand.

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