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YMMV / Promethean: The Created

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  • Audience-Alienating Premise:
    • Promethean has a very niche appeal at best, with its premise of "you're an Artificial Human whom all of reality rejects, so your only goal in life is to Become a Real Boy" and punishing rules in support of it.
    • Second Edition softens these rules a bit, or rather it gives options to keep them from driving every player to hack at her wrists with a sharp spork.
  • Complete Monster: Oleg Wormwood, Ukrainian mobster and would-be bringer of the apocalypse, is unlike most evil Prometheans who are motivated by years of torment they have received at the hands of regular mortals. Created at the time of the Chernobyl disaster, Oleg witnessed the meltdown, and, despite having a relatively good life by Promethean standards, desired to replicate it across the face of the world. Joining the Ukrainian, and then Russian branches of The Mafiya, Oleg killed numerous men—and gave large numbers of prostitutes cancer—in the process of making a name for himself, all while building up the connections and resources he would need to achieve his dream. He has purchased plutonium for terrorist causes, stirred up trouble between India and Pakistan, and otherwise done everything he can to manipulate the world's leaders into creating the nuclear holocaust that he so desperately craves. Emotionally hollow, and incapable of remorse, Oleg has no desire to ever be human, viewing mortals as nothing but tools to aid him in triggering the apocalypse.
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  • I Am Not Shazam: Frankenstein is the name of the Linage's demiurge, not the monster he created. Said monster prefers if you call him Mr. Verney, please.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Night Horrors: The Tormented has this as a theme; Prometheans, humans, and even Pandorans who try to avoid their own pain by shoving it on other people. Examples include:
    • Actaeon, a surveillance drone turned Unfleshed spymaster... whose disfigurements make it so that even other Prometheans regard him as less than a person. After years of abuse by his throng and discovering one Aurum member was a complete Jerkass, he decided that if everyone wanted him to be a creepy spy, then he might as well make a career out of it. He then started suborning his natural instincts to observe to become a blackmailer who seeks to force others to give him information on the New Dawn, when he's not prying into things for the pleasure of knowing them. On some level, Actaeon literally doesn't understand how much of a nightmare this makes him for other Prometheans, and if confronted with someone who was Driven to Suicide by his pranks, it's explicit he'd be horrified into changing his behavior.
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    • Utley, the last Hollow, long since past the end of the Dust Bowl where he could easily achieve the New Dawn, and this fear of dying before the near-century he's spent trying to achieve humanity has caused him to become a serial lacunist. He himself justifies it by noting that, as horrible as that is to other Prometheans, at least they have enough time to recoup it.
    • Mortimer the Adversary, a sublimatus who remembered his failed creation perfectly well... including a vision of the New Dawn he, as a Pandoran, can never have. Eventually, he grew so envious of the Pilgrimage he declared himself a Satanic Archetype and now seeks to push as many Created off the path and into Centimanus as he can, so that someone understands how frustrated and lost he feels.
  • Paranoia Fuel: Pandorans in Dormancy often resemble the sorts of inanimate things that you might mistake for monsters out of the corner of your eye.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The backstory for the sample Torch-Born. Even if you do everything right, and with the best of intentions, you can still end up creating a monster. Knowing how it's going to turn out doesn't make reading about the unfortunate Frankenstein's plans to raise his son any easier.
    • Pandorans can reach Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds status. One sample Pandoran, after feasting on a Promethean, gained a brief moment of lucid sentience, and realized that while Prometheans have a chance to become human and be freed of their curse, Pandorans do not have that option. It then wept the fact that they are cursed with the Horror Hunger as monsters, forever.
      • One of the sample Pandorans in Second Edition is the Pilgrim, a sublimatus Pandoran who disguises herself as an Extempore Centimanus trying to return to the Path. The book confirms that this isn't just a disguise, she really believes that with enough time and learning she can make the jump from Pandoran to Centimanus, and from there climb up onto the Path and maybe even reach the New Dawn. But she can never keep a lid on her temper and her Horror Hunger for long enough, and so the cycle starts again...
  • Uncanny Valley: One of the many effects of the Disquiet.
  • The Woobie:
    • Almost the entire Promethean race could qualify; they seek humanity, but never quite fit in with it, feeling out of sync with it at best and inspiring fear and hatred with their very presence at the worst. They suffer and learn, all for the reward of a soul, but even that may not guarantee them happiness in the end.
    • Special mention: An Galateid attained her humanity and was reborn while retaining her memories as a Promethean; her husband, whom she had met on the first day of her human life, dies in front of her eyes and she then uses her knowledge of the Prometheans to rebirth him. Albeit he now exists without the memories of their love, the text indicates she's starting to act like a Stalker with a Crush and that he's not likely to regain his humanity any time soon.


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