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  • Funny Moments: Alfred's reaction to stopping a car with one hand. He completely fails to register what he just did, and instead scolds Matthew for running into the road without looking. The entire time, Matthew is freaking out about what just happened. Then, Alfred realizes what he did and freaks out as well, giving the hilarious line "Why is there a bumper in my hand?"
  • Schedule Slip: The creator seems to have vanished off the internet. The last know update listed in his/her deviantArt was on 6 March 2012 here
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  • Tear Jerker: The Bad End in Chapter 2. Alfred and Matthew never learn anything about how to control their powers, so Matthew is caught by Arthur in his study and attacked. Alfred tries to save him and severely injuries Arthur's wrist by accident. Matthew turns invisible and runs out of guilt, while Alfred screams for him to come back. The entire thing ends with Matthew narrating that Alfred never spoke to him again.
  • The Woobie: Matthew. According to Francis, he was found starving and sick by some railroad tracks, and was terrified of going to a hospital. He spent most of his time in previous schools being ignored or overlooked. In Chapter 2, he gets attacked by Natalia because she mistook him for Alfred, and in one of the story paths, he's attacked by Ivan just to send a message to Alfred. Oh, and in the Chapter 2 Bad End, he's attacked by Arthur and has to watch as Alfred leaps to his rescue and accidentally breaks Arthur's wrist, resulting in Matthew losing his only friend. The poor guy can't get a break!

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