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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Yuuna seems to be developing this as of late, likely due in large part to Mages vs. Mars being her A Day in the Limelight arc, and her attitude and skill during the battle.
  • Genius Bonus: When coming up with a codename for Chao's original plan to reveal magic to the world, the final name "Operation: VALID" was intended to follow in the frame of several named UNSC operations from the expanded universe, such as Operation: TREBUCHET (Contact Harvest) and Operation: UPPERCUT (Halo: Reach).
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  • "Holy Shit!" Quotient: Admittedly, the entire purpose for taking the manga battle of Mages vs. Mars Up to Eleven was to exponentially increase this factor.
  • Les Yay: There's no Ship Tease going on in this story about who Yuuna's going to wind up with.
  • Magnificent Bitch: Let's review. Evangeline has had five hundred years to watch as the world which had been, according to her words and the words of Chao, integrated magic into normal society, become segregated again by the Office of Naval Intelligence, which persecuted mages in a manner that made the Salem Witch Trials look like a tea party. Infuriated by this, and knowing that the Human-Covenant War was coming, she got herself placed highly within the UNSC military, where she used ONI's own information networks to keep track of the descendants of the Chosen Heroes and Ala Alba up until the appropriate time, when she began to carefully pull the strings in their lives to get them into a position where she could snatch them up into her ODST battalion, and be prepared to make her true move whenever the war ends.
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  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Obliquely lampshaded by Seno in chapter 6. Tsuruko's previous meddling that nearly ended up causing her to ship Keitaro/Motoko would've put her in direct conflict with Seno, who was shipping Keitaro/Naru and also, obviously, captaining the Seno/Motoko ship.

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