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  • Award Snub: At the end of 2011, most people who had watched Yuichiro Nagashima wrestle believed that the Tokyo Sports's Newcomer of the Year Award should have gone to him and not Shinichi Suzukawa.
  • Broken Base: You will either enjoy the David Versus Goliath matches of Hashimoto, Ogawa and the native army against the UPW superheavyweights or consider them downright awful. Others conside them So Bad, It's Good.
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  • Fandom Rivalry: Against New Japan and NOAH, as described on the main page, though these later became Friendly Fandoms after Shinya's passing. The promotion also enjoys strong "friendships" with Dramatic Dream Team and in Hawaii.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Many pundits believed that Tom Howard had a great ring presence and gave some good matches, but it's not so easy to buy his aura when you know how extraordinarily bad he did in MMA years later.
  • Narm: Though the promotion did some effort to build Matt Ghaffari as a fearsome gaijin main eventer, it's difficult to take him as such due to his... unusual physical build for someone his weight.
  • The Scrappy: During the co-promotion with HUSTLE, the villainous Yuji Shimada used to be welcomed to boos and garbage in ZERO-ONE.

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