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  • Broken Base The fandom's reaction to Kate Brian's decision to add magic and witchcraft to what had been a reasonably realistic series. Some find it to be an interesting twist to the plot while others consider it an Ass Pull.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Noelle is one of the most popular characters with Private readers. Even some of her more cruel actions have not dampened this, see below.
    • The fact that Ariana is currently starring in her own spin-off series of novels should tell you something.
  • Les Yay
    • Noelle and Reed. Reed goes out of her way to impress and be close to Noelle; quite frequently other characters comment on Reed's utter devotion to Noelle. She feels empty without Noelle and explains that they "need" each other. Noelle has an obvious soft spot for Reed. Reed is even tested by Noelle's grandmother to see if she truly cares about Noelle more than anyone and anything in the world. (She passes with flying colors, of course.) Subverted near the end of the series with the reveal that Reed and Noelle are half-sisters. Unless you're into that.
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    • Reed and Ariana. Later turns into Foe Yay after Ariana is revealed to have murdered Thomas.
    • Ariana and Kaitlyn in the spin-off, Privilege. Ariana fantasizes about helping Kaitlyn escape and the two of them running off to Australia to live in a house together for a happily ever after.
    • Leanne and Natasha: who turn out to be actual lesbian lovers
  • Moe: Taylor.
  • Shocking Swerve The death of Mr. Lange. He dies protecting Reed from a murderous Mrs. Martin in the most recent novel. It remains to be seen how Noelle and her grandmother will take this.
  • Tear Jerker: See the entry immediately above.
  • The Woobie: Ariana is either this or a Jerk Ass Woobie, as is Reed to a lesser extent.


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